7 Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques!

Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques

In this powerful article, we will be learning about 7 Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques. Based on the one powerful law called law of attraction, you attract whatever energy you bring into the world.

The higher the feeling of energy or vibration the more potent that energy is and the quicker you attract what you want. The reason why you can’t make your desires into a reality has everything to do with your mind.

The mind tends to focus on negative things, and this can hold you back from truly living your life with your best potential. It’s much easier to focus on what you want to avoid happening or what you lack, rather than on the positive side of things.

Your negative thoughts come from a place of fear, doubt, and insecurity which is why it can be powerful if you dwell on it. By reprogramming your mind, this can help you become your best self and live a better life. With this being said, the following are 7 subconscious mind programming techniques that you can implement in your life:

7 Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques:

1). Surround Yourself With Positive People:

Without being aware of it, being surrounded by positive and encouraging people helps in reprogramming your mind. The mindset and energy of the people you choose to surround yourself with is what will rub off on you. This is why you tend to reflect the energy of the people you spend most of your time with.

If you truly want a better life and you want to get what you want, the quality of people you surround yourself with helps with your mindset. They say mindset is everything and when you’re around people who encourage you to pursue your goals, the more likely you’ll be successful.

On the other hand, spending time with negative people will drain and exhaust your energy and it eventually shifts your mindset. Instead of being focused on success and the positive, you might end up feeling bad about yourself.

2). Speak Your Success In Present Terms:

To get what you want, you need to pretend as if your end goal is already happening right now. This lets you have a motivated and positive mindset in pursuing your goal, rather than feeling bad about yourself.

Pretend as if your goal is already happening in the present, and not as if it’s just about to happen. For instance, if you want to have your own business someday, tell yourself that you’re running a successful business today.

Doing this actively makes your end goal more real for you, and it changes your mindset in going after your goal. It counters any doubts or fears that may be getting in the way of accomplishing your goal.

When you speak your success in future terms, it leaves you with a sense of doubt and fear- and you have no room for that in your mind. If you truly want to thrive in success, you’ll spend as if your goal is already happening to you.

3). Let Yourself Succeed:

We hold ourselves back more than we know, and we are our worst critics and enemies. Instead of achieving your goal for today, always strive towards going beyond you’re capable of. For instance, if your goal was to get your ideal weight, go beyond that- change your diet, your lifestyle.

Allow yourself to be the best version that you can be for that day, without any limitations. This may sound unusual, but you should allow yourself to become happy and successful. You shouldn’t feel guilty about being happy because you deserve it. We tend to associate success with being corrupt or immoral, however, don’t let this get in the way of your happiness.

If you’re reprogramming your mind, you’d want to avoid any mindset that will hinder you from your best potential. After all, you don’t get anything good from feeling bad about yourself.

A lot of people don’t let themselves be happy because they either think they don’t deserve it or that it has a negative notion connected to it. Release these limiting beliefs and allow yourself to succeed, instead.

Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques

4). Make A Gratitude Journal:

A gratitude journal helps you focus on the things you already have, rather than on the things you lack. We’ve mentioned how easy it is to focus on the negative aspects of life, and this is exactly why a gratitude journal will do wonders in turning your life around.

Not only does it help you in pursuing your goals, but it shifts your mindset from a negative one to a positive one. In starting a gratitude journal, all you need to do is list down things you’re grateful for on that day. You can do this either before you start your day or when the day is about to end.

Once you see all the things you’re grateful for, this counters any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and in going after success. Gratitude is one of the most significant things you can have in your life. When you have gratitude, you tend to have an encouraging and motivating mindset- both towards yourself and others.

In your gratitude journal, it also helps you set out a portion reserved for positive affirmations. In a similar sense, this is like writing down what you’re grateful for, except these are more of compliments and reminders to counter the limiting beliefs you have within yourself, With these positive affirmations, you’re reminding yourself of the best assets of yourself and your strengths, rather than your weaknesses and flaws.

5). Use Your Dead Time To Work On Yourself:

If you truly want something, absolutely nothing will stop you from going after what you want. Instead of using your dead hours to play video games or watch a movie on Netflix, why not use it to learn a skill that you can use in going after your goal?

It’s easier said than done, but motivated people know that time is a crucial concept and by investing in yourself, you become better than who you were yesterday. For instance, if you want to run a business, you use your dead time to do essential research to help you to run a business in the most effective manner.

It’s the little things, but this reprograms how your mind works. When you use your dead time on distractions and insignificant things, you’re being complacent and mediocre about your own goals- and this is going to reflect on how you achieve success.

After all, knowledge is power and when you use your extra time to learn something new every day, this shows a lot about how successful you’re going to be.

6). Release The How (Massively Important):

In pursuing your goals, it isn’t about the how’s, but more about the what. The law of attraction specifically states that the more you obsess over your desire, you tend to release negative energy into the universe- and this is what you’re trying to avoid.

Life isn’t about achieving all the precise details in going after your goal. What’s important is you do accomplish your goal, and it doesn’t matter how you got there. Most people obsess over how’s of things that they don’t have a clear picture of what they want in life.

In this sense, this is why your goal is still the most important thing, above all else. By releasing your obsession with the details and in how you’re going to accomplish your goal, you reprogram your mind towards a positive note. Life isn’t about getting all the details perfect, but it’s more about figuring out what you want first.

Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques

7). Don’t Let Others Validate You:

This is one of the most important things in this list because a lot of the negativity we have in our minds comes from the need for validation. We seek validation, even in the most innocent ways.

For instance, when a friend isn’t happy with your success, this might affect your mindset and make you doubt your own potential and capabilities. However, you should be grounded in the truth that what other people project to you is a reflection of what they feel.

If they aren’t happy with your success, they might not be happy with their own as well. Don’t let other people’s fears project into your own life and hold you back from going after what you want.

Instead, you should be secure with what you know is right and true, and don’t let other people’s approval by your form of validation. At the end of the day, this is your life and you call the significant shots.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, hopefully, these 7 techniques help you in programming your mind into going after what you want. Always remember that what holds you back is normally the limiting beliefs and negative notions you believe about yourself and success.

In programming your mind, you shift your perspective which helps you gain the motivation and clarity with your goals. Believe in yourself and in your goals, and it’s only natural that you align yourself in thriving for success.

Pursuing your goals may not be easy, but with the right mindset and perspective, you’re one step closer to getting the life you aspire for. Through the use of the law of attraction and these 7 techniques, you can have the life you’ve always wanted to have.

What has worked best for you in reprogramming your Subconscious Mind? What has not worked well? Let me know below in the comments.


18 thoughts on “7 Subconscious Mind Programming Techniques!”

    • Hi Eco,

      Yes work is important but the inner world is more important because that is what determines how your work will turn out. When you operate with the feeling of success as you work towards your dreams you will become more successful naturally and with less effort. Extremely powerful method. Thanks for stopping by and hope the rest of your year is excellent.


  1. Thanks for a great article! I totally believe in your #1 – Surrounding yourself with positive people. When you surround yourself with positive people their energy and motivation inspires you to do better. And truly knowing who your circle is – people who will support and uplift you rather than put you down. I’ve learned that as the older I get, my circle gets smaller and that’s ok. We all need more positivity in these uncertain times.

    • Hi Dana,

      Yes #1 is so important. Our environment is more important then heredity. Having people around you that uplift you really do make a difference. When you’re around winners you naturally begin to win. Very powerful. Thanks for reading.


  2. Loved this, so important and to realise that our sub conscious is a big driver and the causes of self-esteem and confidence issues. I really enjoyed the steps and tips. Thanks

    • Hi Phil,

      Our Subconscious really is the main driver of our lives. Most people’s results are the same year in and year out, maybe slightly better, but all in all the same. Those paradigms are what really holds us back. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope these techniques will change your life. Stay safe out there.


  3. Thank you so much for this article, AJ! You have hit the nail on the head, my friend. When we think positively and are surrounded by a positive network, we are more ready and willing to work harder, take risks, and accomplish our goals. Too many times, we listen to society, our families, our friends, or that devilish voice in our heads (get thee behind me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ), telling us that we can’t do something. Other times, we’re afraid to take action because we either fear failure (which is never a loss, but a lesson (and an inevitable part of life)) or are afraid of success (we say that we want A, B, and C, but are afraid we won’t know how to handle it if/when we receive it). We must remain humble, grounded, focused, determined, and ready to spread our wings and fly. With God in our corner, we shall soar! Great read! God bless you!

    • Hi C.N.,

      thanks so much for reading this. I’m glad you understand. We really can do ANYTHING that is within the bounds of nature and that’s pretty freaking sweet. We are the only living things on the earth that can actually think and understand. Pretty incredible, but yet most people don’t accomplish much, and we have infinite potential. No one can really guess what we can do. Pretty amazing. Hope you have a safe 2020, and wishing you massive $$$ success. God bless.


  4. Wow, what a great positive message in your article. I love how you say to “pretend as if your end goal is already happening right now”. I read this over several times and then read it to my daughter. She has test anxiety, and I think this might help her to combat that issue. We will see. Positive mindset is so critical to being successful. Your section on ‘Release the How’, boy do I need to release the precise details and look beyond to the goal. You are so right, it doesn’t matter how you get there. I’ve saved this post to refer back to. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nancy,

      The pretend one is SO HUGE. The feeling is how we get to our subconscious the fastest. I always try to think from the end instead of thinking of the end. That way everything I do comes from that mental state. Such a powerful shift. Takes some practice but well worth the effort for the results that you will see manifest in your life. Thanks so much for reading. Hope to help you out more. God bless and stay safe out there!


  5. Hi Alex,

    In short, I think the law of attraction could help people t have the lives they want if they practice every single day and turn all the negative thoughts to positive ones. I learned it 15 years ago and practiced ever since, so I understood that power comes from our inner selves.

    Number 7 also works for me. I used to live in the shadow of others’ comments, so I didn’t have much good time in the past. I learned just to compare myself with me yesterday. Everything got brighter then.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt,

      I couldn’t agree more, the law of attraction really does make a difference when we work with the law. I’m glad that #7 really works for you, it does for many people. Thanks for stopping by and reading, I’ve got much more coming. Stay tuned my friend.


  6. I really like the tips you provided in your article 7 subconscious mind programming techniques, and these are a very good start to reprogramming our minds. I read the majority of people lack self-confidence today, so do you have any tips about how these people could improve their self-confidence and maybe overcome negative thoughts as well?


    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes many people do lack self-confidence. For me what has worked wonders in overcoming this is understanding who I am, who I really am. And who I am is a Spiritual Being living in a physical body. That means that we are able to achieve anything. We have no limits accept what we put in our minds. We have infinite potential. When you truly understand that and emotionalize it IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. I would recommend checking out Bob Proctor. I consider him the greatest self improvement teacher of our time. He has changed my life and will change yours as well. Here is a link to help you even further in your amazing journey on earth.


      I would watch this a couple of times and really let it sync in. This is what made all the difference for me, I hope it will for you as well, let me know if you ever have questions at alexjsmith@imagineandmanifest.com

      God Bless,


  7. Hi,
    I am gland am surrounded myself with positive people like you. You have said it very well, I will start practicing “speak your success in present times” among others because I think it’s very beneficial.
    Best wishes

    • Hi James,

      Yes, our environment is huge, but also our inner dialogue. The power of speaking in the present tense with feeling is literally the secret to success. When you do it over and over and over again, it becomes apart of you, you begin to really believe it, and then you start to literally attract things into your life because of the vibration your in. Stay safe, and have a great week.


  8. I am big on the mindset and manifestation. I discovered this about 5 years ago out of despration. I would say it works every time.I am a big believer on the say that ‘its your inner world that creates your outer reality’

    Lovely reminder.

    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

    • Hi Rani,

      So glad you found this, it makes such a huge difference. The inner world really is everything. Our outer world is nothing but a manifestation of what has been going on inside. When we master the inner game, everything else literally takes care of itself.



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