5 Ways On How To Be The Best Version Of You!

How To Be The Best Version Of You!

In today’s article, I’d like to go over 8 ways on how to be the best version of YOU! Do you want to be a better version of yourself, but you are not sure how to go about it?

Are you tired of just living an average everyday life and want to scale up? There is no certified formula for being the best version of yourself, but you have the power to change and create a successful and fantastic version of yourself.

You will have to start from the beginning and take small steps to become what you want to be in the future.

You might not know where to start on the path to becoming a better. Just make sure you move forward in the right direction and avoid stagnation in life.

You need to first understand yourself from where you are coming from to where you are going to find the motivation to live your life to its fullest potential.

Below are 8 tips that can help you improve who you are as a person and the direction your life takes.

8 Ways On How To Be The Best Version Of You:

Have A Purpose In Life:

When you know your purpose in life, you live knowing who you really are, where you are currently in life, and where you are going.

Finding a purpose in life helps you remain focused, level efficiently, and less restless because you will feel aligned to the things you do.

When you set your goals in life, having a purpose makes it easier for you to remain focused and more aggressive to achieve them.

Having a purpose gives you clarity in life as you will not have questions about your goals and thus more focus on your goals.

You find meaning in setbacks you encounter and become more resilient. Having a purpose allows you to achieve success on your terms without succumbing to societal pressures.

Having a purpose in life means that you will focus on something you like, which makes it easy for you to succeed because you are the purpose for it.

Having a purpose enables you to work on your goals with integrity, as you already have a genuine passion for the endeavor you ventured into.

To find your purpose, ask yourself if you are satisfied with what you are currently doing, and if it doesn’t, you need to ask yourself what you like most that will guide you to discover your purpose.

Instead of just working blindly, step out of the box and think of what you want to become the best at. Do not just be ordinarily; instead, be the best at everything you do, and you will find that eventually, you become the best version of yourself.

Embrace Failure:

The majority of people who want to become the best versions of themselves are afraid to fail at achieving their targets.

Fear is a mental and emotional awareness that you may not be successful in what you do. The fear of failure is necessary to help you stay focused on your goals and also to be prepared for negative results.

Too much fear can hinder goals and success, while being fearless may not motivate you enough. Fear will keep you on your toes, and the subconscious mind will always trigger the feeling where questions like, will all the hard work be for nothing keep coming up.

Goals that do not scare you are not worth enough. Do not underestimate yourself by setting below average and ordinary goals.

When setting goals, ask yourself what are the chances of accomplishing them, and if you are sure to accomplish them, then the goals are not big enough. Set dreams that scare you and require you to work extra hard to achieve them.

You need to accept that fear of failure is a key player to achieving success. Ensure you have the emotional intelligence required to embrace fear and move forward without letting it distract your work.

Eliminate Negative Thoughts:

Stop always being pessimistic about yourself. Do not worry so much on the negative that you do not pay attention to your strengths. If you keep demeaning yourself, you end up believing the negative things you say about yourself, which will keep dragging you back rather than becoming a better person.

If you keep believing that something will have a negative effect, most likly it will and may even be worse than you expected.

In a normal life scenario, when you take a prescription and have already set your mind that you will experience a severe headache as a side effect, most likely the headache will come because you have programmed your mind to believe so.

Stop seeing yourself as a failure always or believing that you always have bad luck. Do not let your negative thoughts hold you back from working on your goals.

Identify those thoughts that keep creeping onto you and hold you back from being the best version of yourself.

Do not just rub them off but instead confront them and end them once and for all. Do not associate your current goals with previously failed goals, as that will put negative energy to the new goals.

Ensure that you are positive about your goals and always see the best outcome for them. Speak positively of yourself and your goals.

For example, instead of saying that the current project is probably going to fail just like the past projects, say that the project this time will succeed and put in your best effort towards the same.

Compete With Only Yourself:

Competition can either build you or break you. Healthy competition is important to build your confidence and fuel your ambitions, whereas unhealthy competition can make you feisty, self-absorbed, and conceited.

Always keep in mind that there will always be someone better than you and that winning in a competition does not lead to self-improvement.

Constant competition with others teaches you to always compare yourself with other people, and you will never be satisfied with yourself.

You alone know your journey from where you started to where you are going, and you learn to appreciate yourself. You might not achieve your goals in a short duration of time, but the satisfaction that comes with the process of trying to achieve the goals is immeasurable.

When you compete against yourself, only you learn that winning is more than a competition, and being a winner is not about crossing the finishing line first, but it’s all about giving everything you’ve got to reach your goals. Competing against yourself will help you redefine success as a sign of mastering new skills and bettering yourself.

Self-competition enables you to pursue self-development, and you start challenging yourself. You also learn to take full responsibility for your actions in case of failure and use the lessons learned to do better the next time.

Take Risks:

The greatest life lessons come when you shift out of your comfort zone and take chances. It can be scary or intimidating to take a chance at something new, but it is always good to try out your chances.

You might be surprised by the positive turn of events when you take risks in life. Nothing will come to you without you trying or going after it. You need to be aggressive in life to test your limits and to make the best of yourself.

Do not be afraid to fail when you take risks but instead use the experience to re-evaluate, re-strategize, and come back stronger and wiser.

Taking risks will help you acquire new skills and earn new opportunities. Taking chances unlocks new doors for you and presents you with opportunities that can help you become a better version of yourself.

Taking risks also helps in raising your self-esteem and growing your network. Taking a risk will require confidence, which will help you become bolder and take more risks in the future. When you succeed at risk taking, you get motivated to take bolder risks and try more dimensions in life.

Most importantly, do not just take risks for the sake of it but instead carry out research and take a calculated and informed risk. (don’t be stupid) Watch out for risks that might bring you down or negatively affect your self-development.

Final Thoughts:

The journey to becoming the best version of yourself may involve some touchy subjects, but the important thing is for you to remain vigilant and practice self-love and self-compassion.

Becoming a better version of yourself requires consistency in everything you do daily. You do not expect great results if you do not put in enough work.

Dare to push yourself to the extreme and dare to do your best while at it. Learn to work smart and not work hard, as most people believe.

To become the best version of yourself, you have to stop being mediocre and start doing what you like and what satisfies you. Think and act as if you are great and you will become that! (You already are great, its your thinking that needs to change)

The best version of you is due to having a purpose in life, courage, control, hard work with strategy, and maybe a little luck in life. Gain control of the above variables to become your absolute best.

Whats the number one thing that you feel would help others to be the best version of themselves? Let the community know below!

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