5 Tips On How To Be More Bold!

How To Be More Bold!

To live your true life means that you have to stand up for what you believe in. to fight for what you believe requires you to be bold enough to stand against anything that might try to intimidate you. Being bold can be challenging, especially if you the kind of person that values peace and tries to avoid conflict at all times.

Boldness means not hesitating or being fearful when faced with actual or possible danger or rebuff.  To be bold, you have to stand up for yourself despite potentially stepping on someone’s toe. You have to speak up or act up without dwelling on the potential negative outcome of your actions.

Being bold does not mean you are disrespectful, mean, or careless; instead, you be bold without crossing the line. To be bold requires you to be assertive in your communication but not hurtful. Always respect the opinion of others and never let your emotions get the upper hand, and instead act rationally.

Being bold attracts respect from other people, you get a voice, and you can get out of an unjust situation.  You get what you truly deserve when you are bold and help in boosting your self-confidence. If you are shy, hesitant, or passive and want to be bolder, here are tips to help you become bolder.

5 Ways On How To Be More Bold:

Act Like A Bold Person:

Is there a bold person that you admire? If you can switch places with them, what would they do in your place?

Imagine how a bold person would carry themselves and spend some time pretending to be them.  You can even think of a book or movie character who is brave and bold and imagine their boldness in your life. Try acting and behaving as they do and make it a habit.

To test how you are doing on acting like a bold person, go somewhere people don’t know you, so they won’t be surprised when you do things out of your character.

Participate in the ongoing conversations and see what happens. Pretend to be assertive and daring when with new people to get used to being bold. You will discover the amazing things that come with being bold and might convince yourself to be bold.

Pretending to be bold may also help you overcome shyness. You have to make it a habit of being bold, and with time you will adopt the habit and automatically become bolder.

For instance, when you go to a party, pretend that you are a social person and create new friends. Your new friends will not be surprised if your new character or try to make fun of you because they will think you are always that bold. When you get comfortable with the new you, you will find yourself naturally bold even around your family and friends.

Learn To Say No:

To be bold, you must realize that ‘no’ is a complete statement. Being a people pleaser is both mentally and physically draining and is mainly an effect of being shy or naïve.

If you do not agree with something, do not feel shy or afraid of disagreeing with it. You do not have to explain or give excuses for why you said no to something.

Do not allow anyone to change your mind or manipulate you into saying yes when you want to say no deep down. If someone asks you something that you are not obliged to and don’t want to do, be bold enough to say no to it.

When you are more comfortable saying no, you live a life true to yourself. You should stop being a people pleaser and focus more on your happiness.  You do not have to decline every offer that comes your way to feel bolder. You just have to choose what is right for you and what you really want to accept.

Start small by saying no to people who are close to you or complete strangers. For example, you can start by declining an invite by your friend to attend a party you don’t like.

You can also start by saying no to a stranger who wants to hug you and be unapologetic about it. When you get comfortable with saying no to small things, you can slowly advance to rejecting and saying no to big things like saying to your boss for overloading you with work or saying no to a salary you don’t deserve from an interviewer.

Do not succumb to your need to explain our no. don’t make up any excuses for your decisions as people will learn to respect your honesty and decisions. You will also improve on your self-respect and become bolder in life.

Rediscover Yourself:

To become bolder, you have to first understand your strengths and weaknesses. Accept your failures and weaknesses to enable you to move forward.

Appreciate your strengths and use them to showcase yourself and be bold about them. Permit yourself to e honest and curious about things you what to do and things you do not enjoy. You can never be bold if you do not know who you truly are.

You need to discover your uniqueness and be bold enough to parade it for others to see. Learn what makes you different from others and love yourself for it no matter what other people think.

Rediscovering or redefining yourself can be an awesome opportunity to uncover an even more fulfilling version of yourself that has been trying to push its way through.

To rediscover yourself, you have to first figure out your values and know what you stand for. Take some time alone and study yourself or ask people close to you what they think about you.

Spend time with nature, meditate and journal your life. Consider making a list of happiest moments and memories and try to re-live the great memories.

Take Risks:

Bold people never shy away from taking risks. You need to differentiate between taking a risk and being reckless.

The latter involves making uninformed decisions and being irrational when making decisions. To unlock more opportunities in life, you need to be good at risk-taking and take a leap of faith in new ventures without thinking much about the chances of failure.

To take bold risks, you have to first accept that failure is part of life, and as you fail, you should not quit taking risks but instead use the experience gained to try again next time.

Taking risks is like an adventurous ride where you move towards self-discovery and keep your eye on the end goal. When you take a risk, give it your best shot and fight off any negative thoughts that creep in.

Success is not always guaranteed, but you lose nothing by giving it a trial. Remember that the biggest risk is not taking any risk at all.

Taking risks helps you learn new skills, and you become more empowered to make choices in your life. You grow and push yourself every time you try something out of your comfort zone. Your self-esteem will also grow and become bolder eventually.

Ask For What You Want:

Rather than waiting for someone to consider your needs be courageous enough to speak out. Nobody knows you that well to know when you need something or when you want to talk. You have to stand up for yourself and project your feelings and needs for others to know.

You may be the kind that feels that asking for things is selfish, greedy, or rude, but you have to realize that if you are asking for something you deserve, it is very okay to ask.

If someone withholds something that you have rightfully earned, they are the ones considered greedy, selfish, and rude.

The worst that can happen is to be told no when you ask for something. Life moves on regardless, and you should learn to take in no from others. For example, you can ask for a pay raise or a promotion at work if you feel that you have earned it.

Ask for discounts when purchasing things, and be bold to ask for clarification where you don’t understand things. Ask people for help or advice whenever you feel stuck. No one will know what you are going through or what you need if you do not speak up.

Bottom Line:

Being a bold person does not make you the most likable or most friendly person, but it gets you the respect you deserve. You can learn to be bold even if it is not your personality.

Do not be sorry for being bolder for wanting to be bolder in life. Start applying the tips given one by one and see what works for you.

Do not let people discourage you from achieving your goal to be bolder. People may make fun of you at first, but you will command their respect when you become bolder.

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