4 Powerful Neville Goddard Techniques:

Neville Goddard Techniques:

In today’s article, you will learn about 4 Powerful Neville Goddard’s techniques. Neville believed that if you create a scene of your desire within your imagination and live as though it has been fulfilled, then the imagination will eventually manifest and turn to reality.

He was one of the most powerful influential manifestation tutors of all time. Neville encourages people to take control of their destinies and create an image or video on the screen of their mind that they have been dreaming of.

He devised methods of using the power of one’s imagination to create a reality the same way high profile people intensely focus on their dreams and actualize them.

Neville’s techniques revolve around the belief that human imagination is awareness and is all-powerful beyond our comprehension at this time.

Neville Goddard Techniques:


On visualization technique, Goddard laid out a step by step in structural procedure on how to use a manifestation tool that is one of the most powerful to be able to create what we desire to achieve.

  • Construct An Imaginary Scene:

Everyone has what they desire in mind, and that is what is required to be put in a short detailed scene that is alive and playing.

Every human has their deepest desires and achievements at hand, and that is why it is their responsibility to create that for themselves in their mind, not on the outside at first.

  • Write Out Your Happy Ending:

After you’ve found out what will make you happy to have in your world, just briefly scribble it down IN THE PRESENT TENSE.

Focus only on the end product on how you would like things to be at the end of your accomplished dream. If you want to be a teacher, imagine yourself in class with your students handling a certain topic. Students are asking you questions, and you are having the knowledge and answering them sufficiently.

  • Enter Meditative State: 

In this state, shut out the external world and let go of your own thoughts, emotions, memories, physical sensations, noises, and anything that could cause distraction.

After this where you feel relaxed and happy, connect to your inner world, create self-awareness in order to manifest. Keep saying “I Am” over and over and over again slowly.

You will begin to feel like nothing else matters except this moment regardless of what is going on in the outside world. Only your relaxed happy state will be present, and you will feel like ALL IS WELL.

Neville Goddard Techniques

  • Imagine Your Desire In 3rd Person:   

Once in the meditative state, use that imagination to take yourself into the scene of your desire as the first person. You should witness the scene as the main character in your story.

Take an active role in the imaginal act seeing everything FROM THE END OF YOUR DESIRE. Meaning that you have already achieved it, and someone is giving you a hug congratulating you or something like that. Make your own scene that makes you FEEL good and happy.

  • Feel It With All Your Senses:

This step requires you to bring your scene to life. Make use of all your senses and make sure it feels as real as possible. Connect the scene with real-life occurrences. It may take a while to do this but take your time and begin.

  • Impress Your Subconscious Mind:

Play and replay the scene for your subconscious mind once you reach the end and soaked with the feeling of your wish fulfilled; just repeat the process until it feels natural, almost like a memory.

This will evoke an overwhelming emotion of bliss like the imaginal act has already happened. Repeat this process, and it may take a while (about 30 days) but do it until it is stamped in your subconscious mind. Then a seed will be planted in the eternal you!

  • Drop It And Let It Happen:  

After this, it is time to let it go. Again you don’t have to imagine this all day. If you keep digging up the seed, it will not have the time to grow.

Live as though your desire has already come, and just allow and give room for growth. Things will happen AUTOMATICALLY that will bring your dream to you, and you to it.

Let the ego go, and simply LET things happen and TRUST in your Consciousness that it is done.


  • Vision Board:

A vision board is a place to begin your manifestation practice. The Vision Board will contain words and images that show the experiences you desire In your life.

  • Intentional Journal:    

We get stuck in so much dissatisfaction in our lives because we never concentrated our minds and intentions on another thing.

Write down all the good things that happen today. Get in the habit of doing this once a day for a minute or two. Just try to have your mind focus on only good things because most of us are programmed to focus on the bad things.

  • Audit Your Beliefs:

Conducting a self-audit on what the subconscious mind holds in terms of beliefs is very crucial. Our beliefs can heavily impact our dreams by impacting our performance.

We need to shine a light on these negative setbacks in order to get what we desire and not contrary to what we yearn for. Pay attention to the things that you say and ask yourself do I really believe that? Or is that something that I picked up in a social circle and excepted it even though it’s not true?

Neville Goddard Techniques

  •  Gratitude:

This stage might look easy, but we cannot attract positivity when we refuse to appreciate what we already have. Make a list of what you already have, and this way, you will be able to see how far you’ve come and appreciated the journey.

You can also always make time for a moment of silence so that you can be thankful for what you’ve achieved and what you ought to achieve.

  • Reprogramming:  

Since our subconscious mind controls a bigger percentage of our lives, we should take time before bed and reset our subconscious mind since it is in a relaxed state. Affirm your mind with positivity. This way, one can empower the beliefs in the form of manifestation affirmations. Say short affirmations as your falling asleep. Keep them only 3 to 4 words long such as “It is wonderful” and feel yourself living your dream NOW.

  • Out Of The Comfort Zone:

You may be uncomfortable saying affirmations and visualizing over and over and over again but it will become easier with time.

You need to learn how your mind works and work with your mind not against it. Learn to be uncomfortable when reprogramming your subconscious mind because you’ll actually end up being comfortable after you get through the 30 day grace period of doing visualizations, affirmations, meditative techniques etc.

  • Permission Practice:

Give yourself permission to dream big and know that you deserve it. You are the highest intelligence on earth everything in the world is your birthright.

You must allow yourself to feel worthy of your dreams and desires and know that they are already yours the moment that you ask.

Neville Goddard Techniques


So many people are accepting what the external world is offering, not understanding the power they hold. Neville believed that if you would create a scene of your desire, something within your imagination.

And live as though that thing has been fulfilled, then that divine power would manifest your dream reality. This is supported by various examples from his books.

  • Do Not Engage In Wishful Thinking:

One should stand their ground, knowing what they want and cultivating an unshakable determination to focus on that, and nothing else.

You are only doing wishful thinking if you do not feel your wish is accomplished at this moment. Wishful thinking is to those people who say “I sure would like to have this but that will never happen.”

the human imagination is the most powerful power that is out there. Without imagination we would not have electricity, we would not have vehicles, we would not have the luxuries we have in life.

The crazy part is most people say the imagination is great but without action, nothing happens. That is true in specific cases.

If you’re wanting to build a successful business obviously you’re going to have to take the action to do that. The difference as you’re operating on your business is you see yourself on the screen of your mind as massively successful already.

The people who do that and understand that feelings create success even faster are the ones that succeed quicker and easier in business.

Most people when they’re working towards their goals are doing it with the current mental mindset of poverty and then they wonder why they continue to struggle and never get results.

Imagination proceeds everything if you’re experiencing poverty in your life it’s because you are imagining poverty on a subconscious level and it must be rooted out through repetition through visualization exercises.

Neville Goddard Techniques


Goddard, on this point, insisted that when you claim your desire with a clear affirmative statement, you give awareness (subconscious) definitive instructions to give birth to that desire.

He believed that our world of imagination is the real world, and the physical world is just a shadow that we create with our imagination. This is not a belief this is a fact as we understand today.

  • You Are A Reflection Of The People Around You:     

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. The same awareness flows through each person that you see. In one way or the other, the people around you are the main characters of making your desires come through and participating in various incidents in your life.

Whatever you have going on inside of you will definitely come out and surround you to crash you or build you up to success and joy.

So, embody your soul and inner self with positivity and feelings of success, love, riches, and wealth, and you will be able to see changes even in your relationships like magic.

Break any chain of fear, negativity, and insecurities and replace it with peace and love; only then you will begin to witness many changes in your outer world.

THAT IS THE LAW OF MIND. Nothing happens on the outside it all starts on the inside. YOU WANT SUCCESS, BE THE SUCCESS NOW, WALK LIKE THAT PERSON, TALK LIKE THAT PERSON, BE THAT PERSON NOW, and magic will happen.

  • Positive Mentality:

Positivity is a way to change the world. When your imagination is influencing your mind for good, then it is necessary to look towards that direction.

Goddard believed and know for a fact that everything stems from one’s imagination. Pay attention to yourself so that your beliefs, moods, and thoughts match your desires, and then concentrate and focus on it unwavering.

To FEEL as if you have already received what you imagined, just tap into the ideal version of yourself and start living as though the wish has been fulfilled as much as you can every day and see the powers of your inner world come to life.

Final Thoughts:

Neville Goddard Techniques(ME WITH JOE VITALE)

Life is easy when you understand universal laws. The greatest thing that people need to understand is that there in a world is more powerful than anything on the outside.

People have been delivered from their debts and I’m talking massive amounts of debt just by imagining that they were debt-free and feeling joyful.

People have been healed from so-called incurable diseases because they imagined and felt that they were whole. People have actually been able to get out of prison legally through the power of their imagination even though they were sentenced for years.

People have been healed in a whole prison by just one person blessing them over and over again quietly to themselves and the whole prison changed.

That story is from Joe Vitale, you should look at some of his stuff, he is a God Send. If you ever get the chance to meet him I highly recommend you do he’s a great man and he’s a wise man. Thanks for taking the time to read this I know your life will be better because of it as you APPLY IT.

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