10 Ways On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back!

how to get your ex boyfriend back

Today I will be going over with you, 10 Ways On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back. Breaks ups can be extremely difficult especially when two people were very close.

Everybody gets attached to somebody and it’s a spiritual connection that is always difficult to go through. Love is a very spiritual thing.

You do not have to wallow in your pain. Get your ex-boyfriend back by following this simple guide. (pay close attention to what I say at the end)

10 Ways On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back:

1). Ask Yourself Why You Want Him Back:

Do not jump back into the relationship without asking yourself the most important question. Is he worth it? Do I really need him back in my life?

If all your answers are positive, then you start working on strategies to get him back.

2). Try Ignoring Him:

This could go two ways. You might ignore him then he moves on or he might realize what he had and come back running. This will also help you to move on and be around your ex-boyfriend without turning into an emotional wreck.

3). Make No Contact For A While:

Instead of still meeting up with your ex without feeling emotional, try disappearing from his life completely to make him realize that life without you is nothing.

Erase all memories of him and let him miss you so much that he will come back knocking.

4). Make Self-Improvements On Yourself:

If you show your boyfriend that, the breakup affected you so much that you became a complete wreck; he will not want you back.

Show him that life without him is good and thrive to look appealing and attractive to a point where he will start regretting ever letting you go. Spoil yourself by looking fit, buying new clothes, excelling in your career or school, and so on.

how to get your ex boyfriend back

5). Don’t Act Desperate:

The temptation to call or text him will be overwhelming. Do not show him you are desperate to have him back to stay away from that phone lest you break into tears and start begging for forgiveness.

6). Start A Conversation:

This might go two ways. Either he might call you first or you can initiate the first conversation after the breakup. Whichever way the conversation starts, make it very short and very simple. Leave him guessing about what else you wanted to say. Make sure there is absolutely no talk about the breakup of the relationship in your first conversation.

7). Set Up A Meeting:

After the first phone conversation, you can agree to have the first meeting. Like in the phone conversation, do not show any desperation and keep the meeting almost formal.

Do not show any emotions and do not show him any romantic interest. You can, however, flirt just a little to build up some sexual tension. When you think he has had enough, cut the meeting short and leave. If this does not make him come crawling back, then he might just be over you.

8). Do Not Have Sex On The First Date:

If you build that sexual tension, he might want to get you somewhere private for makeup sex. Do not agree to any sex suggestions no matter how badly your body betrays you. Let him suffer and come begging.

how to get your ex boyfriend back

9). Do Not Take Too Long To Reconnect:

If you truly love him and want him back, do not ignore him for a long period because he might jump right into another relationship thinking that you too have moved on. Just take enough time to weigh the situation and decide whether he is the right person, you need in your life.

10). Lay Out Some Ground Rules:

Finally, when you make the decision to get back together, work out on the issues that made you separate in the first place. Make him promise to change if he was on the wrong and do likewise if you were the cause of the breakup.


Just follow the above steps and you will be fine. Keep in mind though that agency has a huge role in this. You CAN NOT FORCE SOMEONE TO WANT TO GET BACK WITH YOU. It will always be up to them.

You must be respectful and understanding of that. I have seen so many people try to FORCE things on people thinking that it works, and it just makes the situation that much worse. So be mindful of them, and if it’s not meant to be, don’t flip out about it.

There are literally 7 billion people in the world, I think you will manage and figure something else out.

But I do believe that all things are possible to those who believe. Just keep the above in mind as you follow the 10 tips and you will be fine.

Also if you want, try this little exercise because I have seen it to wonders in my life and in other people’s lives.

Before you go to sleep at night, get yourself completely relaxed. Breathe in and out until the tension leaves your body. Then when you are feeling good, relaxed, calm, and worry-free, visualize you both together doing something fun.

Really feel the excitement of it and the thrill. The key here is to FEEL good about it because as you do this you are literally causing things on the outside to change to match that feeling.

how to get your ex boyfriend back

Once you feel really good and are happy, simply drop off to sleep and let it go. I would do this every night and watch what will be attracted into your life through the power of your Subconscious Mind.

You can even say “Thank You” with feeling over and over and over again as you are falling asleep, and your Subconscious Mind will do the rest.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it works. It’s not magic, it’s you working with Universal Laws just like Gravity.

What you feel inside as you fall asleep at night is what is going to determine your events in the future.

You will literally see things begin to happen that are in alignment with your feelings and vision. I have seen this happen to others so many times I cant count. But practice this amazing technique and let me know how it works for you.

If you have questions let me know below, I would be happy to answer them for you. Wishing you the best and I know things will work out PERFECTLY for you.

10 thoughts on “10 Ways On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back!”

  1. Great article on 10 Ways On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back! I wish I had this when I was dating but now I’m married. Can I share with my daughter? She is dating all the time.. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Alyse,

      You can for sure share this with your daughter. Spread it around if you feel that it helped you and will help others. My job is to provide valuable content and serve others in life because that is what makes me happy. If I put a smile on your face today than I did my job :).



  2. This is an interesting read and it made me smile a little.
    As the saying said : “Love is sweeter the second time around.”

    Getting your ex back sometimes depending on the ground or the reason why you separate in the first place. And among the tips you provided, I think the best one to follow is to know if your ex is really
    worth getting back. If not just let him go.

    • Hi Mina,

      So glad you smiled, that’s my job is to make people smile :). Thanks for reading and wishing you massive success and joy this year.



  3. This is very good advice for anyone who’s recently split up with their boyfriend. Keeping things relaxed with no emotional outbursts is important if you are to get back together, as showing desperation will only push him further away. I split up with my long term boyfriend a few years ago and have never forgoton him. Oddly enough, I practice visualisation before falling asleep every night as you suggested. I’ve also said “thank you” as well:) I apply this not only to my ex but other things in the belief it works:) Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kathy,

      So glad that you visualize as well, I think its a very powerful method to get what we want in life. I have seen it cause so many miracles in people’s lives that it would blow your mind. I hope you continue to attract what you desire in life, you deserve it all. All the best.



  4. Some good pointers on trying to get the boyfriend back but you have to ask the question why?

    All depends on the breakup in the first place.

    If its someone else then forget about him and move on.

    I found in life that once a relationship as ended then that’s the time to move on and you seldom get back on a level footing.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Mick,

      Yes, the breakup in the first place is for sure going to determine a lot. I have experienced that moving on thing as well. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But either way, I have always ended up happier and won in the end.



  5. I think this strategy will work on any relationship, you just need to teak it a little. Plus it’s the law of attraction method, so it’s bound to work, there is no doubt about that. What you think you become and then you create similar reality. If you up your game by self development/grooming yourself, you will attract better people/experience in life.

    Thank you for this amazing post.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Habib,

      So glad you liked it. Yes, the law of attraction will make it work for sure. That’s the magic about it and why I love it so much 🙂




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