10 Ways On How To Be Rich And Successful!

How To Be Rich And Successful

Today you will learn 10 Ways On How To Be Rich And Successful. Every single person in the world wants to get rich.

But unfortunately, very few people work hard enough to achieve their goals. Most just complain about their lives. However, if you are determined and ready to work hard, it is very much possible to be successful.

Now when I say work hard, what I mean by that is most people work hard and have the most crappy mindset ever. Do you think you’re going to succeed if you already think you’re going to fail?

Yet that’s how most people go into business or any goal endeavor. You’ve got to make sure your head is right before you pursue any dream, especially if you’re wanting to get rich. 90% of it is all mental, 10% is the strategy and hustle.

I made that number up because if you think about it, everything in your life is because of your thoughts or what you’ve been emotionally involved with.

So if you’re struggling financially, it’s all because of you and what you’ve been paying attention to. It has nothing to do with your upbringing and the color of your skin.

It Hass to do with changing your paradigms on a subconscious level and then having a goal to work towards for the rest of your life.

I called this a Vision. You need to have a vision in your life if you want to succeed and be rich. So with that being said, let’s get started.

10 Ways On How To Be Rich And Successful:

1). Earn Money From Your Passion:

To become rich, it is essential to convert your passion into your profession. You are not going to be a millionaire if you hate your job.

Whether it is stock trading or creating a new product, you have to love what you are doing. You will be able to give your 100 percent only if you get satisfaction from your work.

I put this as the first recommendation because it’s extremely unfulfilling if you’re just a money chaser. You need to have a purpose behind your money drive.

Money is not everything but having a purpose behind getting that money is what counts. Now I’m not saying money is not important. It’s imperative; I’m saying that you need to love what you do but also make sure that it can make money.

So make sure that you’re passionate about your vision or your ultimate purpose in life, and then make sure that that passion can produce money for you. If you’re passionate about something, but there’s no money in it, well, good luck with that.

How To Be Rich And Successful

2). Choose Your Friends Wisely:

You also need to choose who you want to mix with. You should surround yourself with positive-minded people who are also equally passionate as you.

Mix with people who are risk-takers and are determined to achieve their goals. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with negative-minded people, then you will also become used to mediocrity.

You really should be around people who have achieved more than you wanted. That way, you know that they can for sure teach you something.

Why hang around people at your level? Hang around people that will lift you higher, push you harder, and tell you that you can do anything.

And do not tell your family and your close friends what you’re doing. They’re not going to be at the level you want, and they’re sure as hell not going to understand. So if you are going to tell anybody, make sure it’s just you and nobody else.

If you have mentors in your life, you can tell them if you feel comfortable doing so. But from personal experience, I’ve learned to just keep it to myself and only tell people if I feel inspired to do so or prompted. I call it listening to your gut.

3). Have A Mentor:

You can’t do everything by yourself. In the early years of your career, it is always advisable to have a mentor. They are experienced and extremely knowledgeable persons and will be able to guide you properly.

If you look at the lives of successful people, you will find that almost all of them had a mentor in the early parts of their careers.

One of my mentors is Grant Cardone. The guy is a self-made billionaire. But he has taught me so much about understanding selling, Money, and having a 10X Vision.

The reason I have him as my mentor is number one; I like his personality, number two is he is way successful, and number three, the guy knows his shit. I want to listen to people that are way better off than I am.

Why in the hell would I listen to my parents or close friends who aren’t at the level I want to be at? I wouldn’t; I would never listen to them in regards to goal setting and going after things I want, not what I think I can get.

10X Goal Clarification:

Quick note, when setting goals, make sure your goal is 10X. What I mean by that is if you’re going to go and make $1 million, instead go for $10 million first.

Most people think that’s ridiculous and that’s stupid and just not correct. How could you possibly make $10 million?

But what’s funny is the people who think that they have never even reached that goal, once again proving my point that you need to listen to people who are already there and achieve their desires.

Another reason to have a mentor is they are very inspiring people. When I’m in a funk, when I feel like I’m just having a horrible day and I want to give up, I will go and listen to Grant Cardone. I will emulate him. I will begin to think like him. And it re-energizes me. It’s life-changing and fuels my vision.

Do you think that I would go to one of my family members to help me get out of a funk? No, I would go to Grant Cardone or someone more successful than me and get guidance there.

Too many people go through life asking others around them who are extremely poor or don’t know anything about money,

Do you think this is right? And then they listen to them. So when you are in a funk, have a mentor that you can go and listen to online and help you to change your day and keep your fire going.

How To Be Rich And Successful

4). Set Deadlines For Yourself:

You must set deadlines, and you must meet all your deadlines without any problem. For example, give yourself 1 week to complete a project.

Creating deadlines will help you stay focused on your work and will ensure that you are going in the right direction. Otherwise, you may get lazy and lose track of time. And once you fall behind, it is challenging to recover.

5). Engage In Self Improvement:

You should look for ways to improve your skills further. You will find that successful people are always trying to upgrade their skills.

They read regularly and spend time in activities that will bring them closer to their goals. They do not waste their time watching TV or doing other unproductive things. Hence, you should take full advantage of the free time which you are getting.

I’ve mentioned this before in other articles, but you really should be mindful of your time. Start tracking how much time you waste every day on a notepad, and you’ll be blown away by how unproductive you are.

6). Take Care Of Your Health:

In your quest to get rich, do not neglect your health. That’s the worst mistake anyone can make. Instead, eat healthily and exercise daily. If you are physically fit, you will be more energetic, and you will be able to work harder to achieve your goals.

7). Networking:

Networking is critical. Try to make as many friends as possible. You never know who you will need in the future. Try to help people. You will get help only if you help others.

8). Save Money To Invest:

This is very important and is something which you should follow throughout your life. No matter whatever you earn, you should save at least 10 or 15 (or 40% when your income allows it) of it every month.

You never know when a profitable investment option will come your way. But, unfortunately, unless you have savings, you won’t be able to make use of that opportunity.

How To Be Rich And Successful

9). Take A Financial Course: 

Financial literacy is critical, but it is something that many people neglect. So many of us know how to earn money, but most of us don’t know how to spend our hard-earned money.

Hence, taking a finance course is a great idea if you are from a nonfinance background. You will get to know the different investment options and which one will suit you the best.

10). Don’t Leave Things For Tomorrow:

Procrastination is a bad habit and will stop you from achieving your goals. Never leave things for late. If it is possible to finish your work today, then don’t leave it for tomorrow.


Thus, you will find that it is not extremely difficult to become rich. You don’t need to drastically change your lifestyle and work for 16 hours a day.

You just need to be a bit disciplined and focused on your goals. And if you manage to develop some of the good habits which are mentioned above, then no one will be able to stop you.

Call To Action:

Making money is easy, but getting your head right is the first thing that is required in order to make money.

People do this all ass-backward, and then they wonder why they fail. Have you ever wondered why 97% of the world is broke? It’s because of their mindset and the advice that they’re getting from people around them.

You have got to get rid of your subconscious beliefs and paradigms that are holding you back from not being rich.

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways On How To Be Rich And Successful!”

  1. I enjoyed this inspiring post as being a positive person I can relate to this. Like you I also keep goals to myself and always set a time limit for tasks. I push myself, but if I don’t complete within that time I just extend it. I set long term and short term goals which certainly help achieve success. I don’t have a mentor, but follow those who inspire me.

    • Hi Kathy,

      I love the fact that you do keep your goals to yourself. It’s just amazing how many people subconsciously want to bash you because you’re trying to better your life. We need to be surrounded by better people who actually want us to succeed. I’ve noticed that people who are very successful in life actually want to help others more than those who are not successful. I’m not saying everybody who’s not successful doesn’t want to help you, It just sometimes seems that way. I hope you have a blessed rest of your week and hope the rest of 2020 is good for you.


  2. Some great information in this article which resonates with me.

    100% agree that you have to love what you are doing otherwise there is no point.

    Just think how many do actually love what they do and I bet that isn’t many.

    Having a mentor and mixing with the right circle of friends with the right mindset is so important.

    I had not heard of Grant Cardone before I read this article and will check him out.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Mick,

      Thanks for stopping by. Doing what we love really does make such a difference in our lives. I’m really surprised that most people in this world go to a job that I hate for all their life and then retire at 65 to 70 with hardly any money. It’s so sad, but it can be changed easily if people will just make the decision and commitment to change their life. You would absolutely love Grant Cardone, he is an excellent mentor and his results prove it. I hope you have an excellent rest of your week, thanks for reading.


  3. What a great article.
    I loved the first three tips of how to be successful. Finding a mentor, doing what you are passionate about and choosing your friendly correctly.
    That is what changed my life previously

    • Hi Thabo,

      I’m so glad that a mentor has changed your life. It’s really surprising to most people to think that a mentor really does make a difference. I hope that you continue to find success in all that you do and I hope that all your dreams get accomplished. I support you 100%.


  4. You are so right about being around people that lift you up, the ones that are successful in what you want to achieve. I’ve had so many friends try to bring me down about my career choice and it bothers me, especially when they try to put me in a corner and ask when I’m getting a real job? I often laugh at this question, because I have to tell them, “I have a real job. Are you referring to the fact that I don’t work for a Corporate office 9am-5pm? Because if that’s what you call a real job, then I’m sorry. I run my own business, not someone else’s.”

    It bothers me to no end that that is the mindset of almost everyone out there. It’s sad, but true. Anyone that has started up a business knows it takes a minimum of 2 years to be successful and to even see profits. But, most of my friends don’t have their own businesses and I think that’s why I’ve become slightly recluse, I simply don’t want to be around that negativity.

    Great article and so true!


    • Hi Katrina,

      I love that you are an entrepreneur. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, but just the fact that you get your own freedom is even more important. I love the fact that you don’t wanna be around that kind of negativity where people don’t support you. We need to be around the right people that support us, and uplift us, and make us feel better. Unfortunately most of the time it’s never our mediate close family members. Thanks for stopping by hope you have a great rest of 2020.



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