10 Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You!

Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You

In this article, we will learn 10 tips on keeping a guy interested in you. Having a young man fall in love is totally different from how to keep a guy interested in you.

There are a large number of relationships that begin on the right platform but due to one of the partners falling out of love, the whole thing eventually dies.

It’s a great idea to learn some tips to snag your guy and keep him locked. To achieve this, there are a few things or points that you need to consider to keep the guy interested and hooked on you.

10 Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You:

1). Believe In Yourself:

The most important thing that needs to be worked upon is to like yourself. Unless you will like everything about yourself, the man with whom you are in a relationship will not give you the proper value that you deserve.

You cannot expect a guy to love you or even like you if you are not fond of your character or nature, hobbies, and interests even though you are smart.

It is important to ensure your partner knows how awesome you actually are. To achieve this, you need to discover your own potentialities.

Building up your self-confidence is paramount in ensuring the guy that you actually are an awesome partner to be with. Self-confidence doesn’t essentially mean that you need to be arrogant or loud. You can be humble, sweet as well as secure at the very same time.

2). Keep Yourself Beautiful And Stunning:

This is another tactic that you need to consider if you want to keep him interested in you. It has been noted that a large number of girls who are in serious and long-lasting love relationships often find it no longer essential to look great and purchase attractive clothes.

This negative point can sometimes take your guy away from you even if he loves you to the extent of infinity. It is essential to remember the fact that guys always prefer to watch their girlfriends as beautiful and attractive.

You should start because no matter what, you need to look appealing and perfect even when you have found the perfect guy in your life.

Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You

3). Enjoy Doing Things Together:

Doing things together also works as the best practice to keep your relationship alive. If your partner loves the rock-climbing, it is the most useful of all tactics to ask him to demonstrate his skills to you.

This will not only contribute to drawing his attention but to also win his good faith. Finding the appropriate activities that you both can enjoy together and take part in can actually make your bond and further the guy’s appreciation and admiration of you.

4). Give Old Ways A Change:

Adjusting the old routines and making him guess also does the trick. There is nothing that makes a relationship boring than the common predictability.

Your man may be the one among the lot who would like to embrace change in his life. Instead of talking to him at the same time every day, try to change the call timings. This will inevitably raise his curiosity about you.

5). Be Unpredictable In A Fun Way:

Men are just like women – they love surprises. He won’t find you interesting anymore once he knows there is little to know about you. So, don’t divulge every bit of information. Keep some to yourself and allow him to discover them on his own.

There are also other ways to surprise him. If, for example, he likes a certain singer or band, buy concert tickets. In case he’s into sports, buy tickets to the game.

Or, invite him over so that the two of you can watch the game on TV. These efforts would definitely go a long way in making him hooked in you.

Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You

6). Be His Significant Other:

To keep a man always interested in you have to be his woman. Accept him as he is; be impulsive, sensual and have fun with him in a manner he can’t get from his buddies.

Physical attraction will make a man want you but emotional support will keep him with you.

7). Be Independent:

Do not call or text your guy every minute. This is a huge no-no. Most guys are turned off by women who keep smothering them with text messages and phone calls. It can also screw up the relationship. Give him the chance to miss you. Make your guy feel that your life doesn’t only revolve around him. And that you have a social life and other things you prioritize.

8). Avoid Issues:

Don’t talk about past relationship issues that failed into this new relationship. Men hate women who carry and bury themselves in the past. You wanted to start afresh so, empty your heart and let the new man write his love story on it. Don’t compare or link the actions of your present boyfriend with that of your ex. Don’t complain about his actions when he is late, don’t even mention that your ex too did the same. Men hate to picture your ex and you together. So let that past go.

Tips On Keeping A Guy Interested In You

9). Make Him Feel Special:

He loves you a lot, and never fails to mention the beauty of your eyes and lips. He also loves your cooking. Why not surprise him with a special dinner? Cook the items that he likes the most. Don’t forget to apply makeup on your eyes and the color of lipstick he adores. He would feel extra special if you give him a little hug and a small peck on his cheeks. You can be sure that he will reciprocate too.

10). Continue To Flirt:

Continuing the similar flirting activities that you enjoyed together in the first few years of your relationship will actually add the sparkle.

Even if your relationship has lasted for years, it is always a great idea to keep flirting and spice up your relationship with exciting moments.


The spark can just vanish and you could lose that special man you once craved for. To prevent this from happening, avoid the common mistakes that most women make in dating. Keep him interested in you with these few tips. They will surely yield magnificent results.

Be patient in the application of the steps. They do work, it does take some practice, but you’ll come out on top. What have you done that you really feel has made some differences for you in regards to having you guys stay interested? Let me know below in the comments!

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