10 Tips On How To Stop Being A Procrastinator!

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator

Today we will go over 10 Tips On How To Stop Being A Procrastinator. Procrastination is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people when it comes to getting results in life. Most people want to do things that they want to do.

But in order to achieve certain goals in your life you will have to learn to do things that you don’t want to do. And the best way to overcome that is by changing your mental attitude and the perception of what’s going on.

Many people grab every little excuse they can to focus on other things and ignore the most important of them all. The most important step in stopping being a procrastinator is stopping the negative thoughts.

Although advice like, don’t go to Facebook before you complete the task first€, might seem trivial, it is important to remember that little habits always add up to big things.

In fact, more often than not, procrastinators are bound to kick themselves over uncompleted projects or the general disarray in their lives.

Procrastination is honestly one of the deadliest things that you can run into when it comes to wanting to achieve success. You’ve got a learn to get shit done and quit putting it off.

Any successful person will tell you procrastination is not in their personality. They do a task whether they like it or not and I always finish.

Grant Cardone one of my personal mentors who I absolutely love, says that you wanna always just get stuff done. You’ve got to get the hard stuff out of the way first and move on with your day.

The sooner that you can do that the better you’re going to feel, but you’re also going to feel good just knowing that it’s done regardless because that’s what winners do.

So let’s jump in and get you all the information you need and then make sure to follow through on the steps. Without action nothing is going to change for you. You’ve got to start applying this.

I use to procrastinate for years until I finally realized you just gotta do it, it’s going to still be there until it’s done.

10 Tips On How To Stop Being A Procrastinator:

1). First Step Is Most Important:

The reason projects or tasks sometimes look insurmountable is because we focus too much on the end product. Although planning for the future is important, taking that important first step is what gets you going.

It puts you in an open, positive mental state which adds to your enthusiasm for the task at hand.

After the first step, every other step brings you closer and closer to accomplishing your mission. I see this all the time when people set goals that they don’t know how to achieve.

So they get in paralyzed mode. The thing with setting goals is you don’t need to know how the hell you’re going to do it. You need to make the decision you’re going to do it first and then start with a task.

The greatest advice I ever learned was this. Just take the first step and you’ll figure the rest out along the way. Most successful people don’t know from A-to-Z. They just know they’re going to get to the Destiination no matter the cost or the price. In there mind it’s going to get done.

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator

2). Perform The Hardest Task First:

Getting those difficult and uncomfortable tasks out of the way first gives you relief early on in the day and gets the good vibes going.

It also makes the rest of the task feel much easier to finish. You’ll be amazed at what a difference something like making that uncomfortable phone call first can make for the rest of your day.

the thing you need to understand is being an entrepreneur, or being successful in life requires you to do things that you’re not going to enjoy.

You’ll get to a point where you can begin to delegate tasks that you don’t enjoy the other people, but until you get to that point you have to do the hardest tasks first yourself then you can start delegating to others once you’re successful.

3). Just Do It:

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the actions you take. You can have all the best plans and hypotheses in the world, but without taking any action, they will lead to nothing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting some plans in place. The problem comes when you overthink and make everything seem complicated. I know a few people who are very analytical.

They have to figure everything out make sure it all lines up and then they move forward. Like I’ve said, you’ve just got to make the decision that you’re going to achieve your goal and then take the first step.

When I decided to make money online and be successful I didn’t know how the hell I was going to do it. I just made the decision I’m going to do it no matter what.

The crazy part is is everything started to align with my goal. I literally got everything I needed because I was on that mental frequency.

It’s all the law of attraction working in action and it’s a beautiful thing. If you don’t believe in the law of attraction, I suggest you think otherwise because whether you believe in it or not it’s still working for you or against you.

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator

4). Face Your Formost Fear:

The reason why most people procrastinate is that they are afraid of trying and then failing. In fact, procrastination is said to be a fear of success.

People fear what might happen if they just take full responsibility for their own lives. That is why we feel comfortable entertaining those someday thoughts.

Fear is all in the mind. Most fear is based on worst case scenario. Everybody always thinks what’s the worst that could happen.

In my mind that’s always a short movie, and I usually think what’s the greatest thing that could happen and then I move forward.

I’m more motivated by positivity and big things then all the worry and the doubt and the fears and all the things that could go wrong.

So try to play a longer metal movie of all the positives that could happen if you achieve your goal or if you reached your Destination. This works very well, a lot of people do it especially successful people.

5). Don’t Overcomplicate Everything:

Being a perfectionist does not always lead to perfection. If you are always looking for the perfect time to do things, you are definitely limiting your own potential.

You will always be looking for a reason why now€™ is not the time. As long as you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will never accomplish anything.

one of my favorite sayings is keep it simple silly. OK I guess you could say keep it simple stupid, but I really don’t like that phrase I think it’s downgrading to people. Just learn to get shit done.

If you’re going to write a book just freaking write it. Just do some thing and move forward, you’re going to make mistakes along the way, don’t worry about it.

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator

6). Hang Out With Inspiring People:

We are influenced by the company we keep. Identify those friends or colleagues who trigger your instinct to demand more of yourself and spend more time with them.

In most cases, these are hard workers and go-getters. Within no time, they will infect you with their drive for success. Become an ardent reader of their blogs too, if they have any.

many successful people do not procrastinate. You need to really get around those kind of people. Will rub off on you, just start to think like them, you’ll actually start to feel like them and that’s really where the magic happens.

The more you’re around successful people the more emotionally involved your mind gets with them in a better actions you take towards your dreams.

7). Get Clear On Your Goals:

If you are a serial procrastinator, it could be as a result of a lack of clarity between what you are doing and what you actually want. It is not uncommon for a person to outgrow his or her goals. As you keep discovering more about yourself, keep adjusting your goals to match that. Make it a habit to be taking time outs and vacations to reset your mind.

8). Identify Your Procrastination Triggers:

If you realize that you procrastinate too much, it could be because you make it too easy for you to procrastinate. Identify those distractions that take too much of your time and write them down.

If you have to resort to self-binding methods such as deactivating Facebook accounts, so be it.

9). Add Specific Deadlines:

Break down your project into smaller tasks and have strict deadlines for each task. This helps create a sense of urgency throughout the entire process.

Having one big task with a single timeline creates the impression that there is still more time when in fact time is running out.

How To Stop Being A Procrastinator

10). Change Your Environment:

Sometimes, a change of environment is all it takes to boost your productivity. Make some changes to your workspace to make it more appealing to work in. remember to revamp your working environment every once in a while.


Although procrastination allows you some instant gratification, it denies you what is best for you in the long-run. It leaves you with a mountain to climb, making you spend less time with your loved ones.

Finishing the task in good time allows you to have time to really enjoy life and make the most of it. Always keep things simple in life. If you’re the analytical person that’s OK but learn to just keep things simple.

4 thoughts on “10 Tips On How To Stop Being A Procrastinator!”

  1. I think I definitely recognise a few of these traits in myself, I have been known to be a bit of a procrastinator but I’m really working on it.
    Your tips are really good though I’ll be making sure to put the hardest task of the day first on my list, there was a job I’ve been meaning to do every day this week and I keep putting it off so I’m going to make a promise to myself to make it the first thing I do tomorrow!
    Looking forward to becoming much more productive and having a successful business.

    • Hi Amy,

      The fact that you’re working on not being a procrastinator anymore is fantastic. Keep at it and push yourself when you feel like not doing something. The more you get yourself to do things and just stay productive it will make the biggest difference for you. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. So staying productive and busy will help you to be more successful and all you do. Thanks for reading 🙂



  2. Hi AJ,

    This post hits home for me. I am a procrastinator. Two days ago I finished a draft for my next content on my website. Then yesterday, I was supposed to get it done but instead I allowed myself to get distracted with all kinds of stuff, from my phone to my toddler.
    Your practical tips are all great and helpful. The one thing that is a kind of two sides of the coin for me is setting up deadlines. It should be a good thing and help us to be organized and get things done. I did set up my deadline yesterday, since I procrastinated, I felt guilty and became so stressed out today. I set that deadline for myself. It is not like a deadline for a job where I could get fired if I don’t do it. I think I should be more kind to myself and stop being so hard on myself. And, most importantly, stop procrastinating.

    Thank you for sharing this post.


    • Hi Ferra,

      I am so glad that this post has made a difference for you. Procrastination is definitely not an easy thing to overcome but with practice anything is possible. I know that I should continue to practice it one day at a time it will get easier and easier for you. I’m grateful this post came to you at the right time.




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