10 Tips On How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship!

How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship

Today we will be learning about “10 Tips On How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship”. Trust takes a long time to build but only a moment to break. Many times the things we think of first are not what makes a relationship work. Some think the variety keeps things spicy.

Not true. A degree of predictability in a relationship is better than variety. The following are ten guaranteed methods to improve your connection with your partner and thereby get trust back in a relationship and improve the level of trust quickly.

10 Tips On How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship:

1). Admit Your Mistakes:

Once you know how you feel and are determined to win your partner’s trust back, admit your mistake to your partner and apologize.

Take full responsibility for your actions and never blame what happened to anybody. Bear in mind that your partner is hurt for the moment; thus, never expect her/him to believe you right away. Stay calm and patiently listen to what your partner might say.

2). Be Predictable: 

The common belief is that variety will keep the relationship popping and the romance alive. Trying a new restaurant or buying a surprise gift might be nice, but most people need to know that their relationship is based on consistency. Trust in a relationship is heavily based on being reliable every day.

How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship

3). Your Actions Should Match Your Words: 

Many people don’t hear what you say with your mouth, but what you say with your body. Your partner doesn’t hear your voice as much as they listen to your body language and the tone of your voice. When your words match your actions, trust is built in a relationship.

4). Believe That Your Partner Is Competent:

This will help you build up the trust you need in your relationship. The truth is never destructive when it’s lovingly communicated.

If you don’t believe in the competence of your partner in some areas or all areas, the trust within your relationship is violated.

5). Never Keep Secrets: 

They destroy trust in relationships. Open honesty is best. If you assume that everything you know will ultimately come out, it’ll be easier to just tell the truth up front.

Past secrets call for a great deal of energy, mental and physical, as you have to remember what you said, and your body negatively responds to your dishonesty. This energy could be better utilized in the building of your relationship.

How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship

6). Let Your Partner Know What You Are In Need Of:

Don’t make him or her play the guessing game in this area. Just tell them. You can be self-centered. Just don’t be selfish.

Not sharing your needs with your partner could cause you to go overboard in seeking to obtain them while smothering your partner in the process. Many times we don’t want to have needs, but we do, like it or not.

7). Learn To Say No And Mean It:

Your partner voicing his or her need is a good thing. But that doesn’t mean you are to say yes to everything. If you never say no, your partner can’t respect you. Being true to yourself will build trust in a relationship.

8). Continue To Grow:

A flower can only be planted if the dirt is breached and dug into. There is dirt in every relationship. Digging into this dirt can sometimes be painful.

But this pain prepares the soil of the relationship for future growth. Don’t let crisis, turmoil, or questions scare you. These are great fertilizers to grow and change your relationship. Remember, to be honest.

How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship

9). Be Respectful To Your Partner:

Be a good listener to him/her, show how you care, and learn to empathize. Always be there for your partner. Showing your partner that they can count on you anytime will make them trust you back.

10). Don’t Be Afraid Of Hardships:

There is no relationship in the world that isn’t exempt from this. When a crisis has been surmounted, your relationship grows and strengthens.

Embrace it, as it will help you to become a better person. Things that are hard in life tend to make us stronger and mold us into the people we need to become.


Deciding to work on trust in a relationship is signing up for some pain. It’s unavoidable but necessary.

As you continue working through this pain, you will personally become stronger, as well as strengthen your relationship.

If you know your relationship is worth saving, then follow these ten simple, foolproof steps to bring back trust and improve the trust in the relationship between you and your partner and save it all.

Last thing: Always be understand and compassionate no matter what. I believe in Jesus Christ; I’m a Christian and happy to say that.

What I have learned from him personally and many other great teachers of our day is always kind, understanding, and quick to agree with your enemy.

Don’t be bitter; always try to look at life through the other person’s eyes. You will see so much more than you thought, but you will also tend to naturally be more understanding.

How To Get Trust Back In A Relationship

I try to look at all of God’s children that way. We are all not perfect by any means, but there is so much good in each person (well, maybe not Hitler, lol), but you get what I’m trying to say.

When I’ve had problems in marriage, this has always been key for solving our problems and quickly, might I add.

No matter the problem, always treating others how you want to be treated works. It has never failed me.

Kindness, love, charity, and humility are the greatest things to apply in a relationship. You don’t need a therapist to tell you that.

It’s such common sense, but we get so programmed by the world and start acting differently, and before you know it, there is not much left of the original you.

Keep trying, keep pressing on, time will be necessary, but don’t ever give up on that person. Look at them as God looks at them. We are so imperfect, but we have so much to offer the world.

Focusing on those good qualities of your partner or anyone will change everything for you. Especially if you go out of your way to bless them silently each day before you get ready for the day, watch the miracles and how that person begins to change fast.

What have you done to get trust back in your relationship? What do you feel was a complete waste of your time doing? Comment below; it could be the very thing someone needs to see to change everything for them.

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  1. Oh boy. This is such an important article. Every single point you made, I was nodding my head in agreement. And I think these tips don’t just apply to romantic relationships. I think any relationship can benefit from them.


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