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How To Feel It Real

In this powerful article, we will be going over 10 tips on how to feel it real, techniques used by Neville Goddard. Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you no longer want to be? Do you ever feel like things just will never go right for you and that you will always continue to have problems?

The trick to change your whole world is to learn to think from the feeling of your wish fulfilled now. Most people do not know how to do this and this article will help you to overcome that.

Once you become aware and remain faithful to your new state, you will see changes in the outside world begin to happen without you doing anything. People call these coincidences, or you’re just lucky, but if you understand that consciousness is all and all his consciousness, then you are the one that brought out that luck, and all your other problems because of the way you have been feeling.

The words above are a takeout from Neville Goddard’s book, “How To Feel It Real”, my all-time favorite. If you have not read that yet, I highly recommend you do.

It’s life-changing and you will experience results in your life that will blow you away. We will now discover more about this life-changing way of living in the rest of the article below. We will explore the different steps you need to take to FEEL it real and how to operate from your wish fulfilled.

10 Tips On How to Feel It Real by Neville Goddard 

1). Come From A Place Of Understanding:

Neville places a lot of emphasis on the importance of imagination. With imagination, there is nothing impossible, all things are possible from within. Most people don’t understand this because they let their senses dictate their logic, which is a fool’s game.

Do you really think that billionaires became billionaires because they were just smart, and born into the right family, and worked hard? No, they attracted everything to them, including all the things needed to accomplish their dream. They felt within that they were rich already. They were so convinced of this that things begin to happen for them as they moved towards their goal.

When you start to create your own reality, you can decide which role you want to play in it. You must also have the FEELING and desire for transformation. Everything you feel on a subconscious level will manifest in one form or another. You need to learn to think from within.

2). Have The Desire to Transform:

The central premise of how to FEEL it real is to undergo an internal transformation. However, for any change to begin, you must have the desire to transform.

You must want things to be different and it also requires that you begin to live your dream NOW! It requires that you live like your wish has been fulfilled, even though it has not. This is MISSION CRITICAL and the hardest thing to do for most people. One of the greatest ways for you to create a strong desire to want to have a change in your life is to actually visualize your situation way worse than it is.

Get to the point where it actually makes you sick to your stomach and when you get to that point you will want to change things quickly. Most people move away from pain but the trick is to see the pain and feel it in order to change it. But don’t just keep dwelling on it because then you’ll actually bring that situation to you. Just use this technique to help you develop a strong desire for change!

3). Have An Objective:

What is it that you want to have do or be? It is essential that you know exactly what it is you want. You may, for example, want to become financially independent; which requires that you take the first step by starting to live what you desire, make-believe is what I call it.

You begin to create an ideal of that person you want to be. You live with the assumption that you are already that person. When you persist living in that state of mind, it will become your dominant FEELING.

It then becomes inevitable that you will be able to achieve your ideal through the law of attraction and your subconscious mind working together. You will attract everything you need for your dream. If you want to win the lottery, you absolutely can and will at the right time.

It’s up to you to really get into the mental state of knowing you have millions in your bank right now and going about your day with that feeling knowing it’s true, regardless of what your bank account says in this physical world. BY LAW YOU WILL WIN AND ALSO ATTRACT MONEY TO YOU FROM UNEXPECTED SOURCES BECAUSE OF YOUR STATE OF FEELING/VIBRATION.

How To Feel It Real

4). Understand That It Has ALREADY Happened:

You must understand that your dream has already happened in the 4th dimension. The fourth dimension is what you see in your imagination. If it did not exist then you could not imagine it.

Take the time to actually think about that for a moment and realize how exciting that is. Now it’s only a matter of time before that moves into physical form here in the third dimension. This should excite you greatly because as long as you maintain the feeling of your wish fulfilled it will move into form at the right time in your life. Most people want to know when they will get their dream.

That is the wrong question the question you need to ask is “Do I Feel Right Now That My Wish Is Fulfilled?”. If the answer is no then you need to continue to work on that. You also need to let go of the belief that you have to work really hard to get what you want.

I hate it when people tell me that because it’s the biggest load of turd I’ve ever heard. Tell that to the people who work in Rice Field all day long. Tell that to the people who work 3 different jobs and have no time for their family because they’re trying to take care of them by keeping a roof over their head and food on the table.

Case in point working hard has nothing to do with getting results. It’s all about you living from within and allowing things to happen in your life.  People say it’s God’s will for you whatever happens in your life. GOD’S WILL IS NEVER FOR HARD TIMES, BUT CONTINUED GROWTH AND FULLER EXPRESSION 24/7.

LOOK AT NATURE AND SEE HOW TRUE THAT IS. YOU ARE GOD LIVING IN A PHYSICAL BODY, YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. All your problems in life are because you used your imagination WRONG and were emotionally involved in a negative feeling state over and over and over and over again, and then that manifested in your life. Change that starting TODAY, learn how to get what you want, test this power out and it will change your life, I PROMISE YOU!

5). Remember:

Neville recommends that you should not forget your past. You must remember what it was like because it will help you realize the person you want to be in the present. Your history must only occasionally remain a present memory; otherwise, in forgetting, you may allow yourself to go back to that undesirable state.

But don’t let yourself be held back by your past, that’s not progress. Just a little pain reminder to help you keep focused as you move forward with your ideal dream in your imagination.

6). Feel It And Become More Aware:

If for example, your past situation was a lack of financial independence, you will become aware of the fact and can move on to economic dependence by assuming the FEELING of the wish fulfilled NOW, THAT YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC AMOUNT OF MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND YOU RECEIVED IT EFFORTLESSLY.

Basically stated, operate from the wish fulfilled every day. FEEL it as though it’s a reality now and think from that end. How happy would you FEEL if you were the person you wanted to become? Wear that feeling as much as you can, and watch how the world conforms to that FEELING state.

You will literally begin to draw experiences into your life that match that FEELING. Are you Poor? Are You Alone? Are You Overburdened With Debt? Keep Your Mind Focused And Learn To IGNORE ALL THINGS ON THE OUTSIDE. If you need help with that check this program out.


How To Feel It Real

7). Move:

You must learn to move about your life normally without forcing things to happen. What I mean by this is continue to operate the way you normally do your day. The only difference is this time you’re in the mental attitude of your wish fulfilled.

So naturally you should be more happier and at the same time, you should begin to see things happening to you that are in correspondence with your feeling state. Most people think well without action nothing gets done and I agree with that to some level.

But people need to understand that what they want already exists and by simply allowing it to happen instead of forcing it to happen makes all the difference. Use common sense here. If your goal is to have a successful business granted you’re gonna have to take some action but the difference is you’re going to take action while feeling successful and prosperous already. THAT’S THE TRICK!

8). Make A Conscious Decision:

Everything you do when you operate from that FEELING of the wish fulfilled will be for your good. It must for that is the spiritual law. You can’t bring something into your world, without you first having imagined it and FELT IT on a subconscious level. MAKE THE DECISION NOW THAT YOU ARE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE, THAT YOUR DREAM IS REAL NOW, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SENSES ARE TELLING YOU.

9). Have The Right Attitude:

Like any other motivational theory, the results may vary from individual to individual. Some people have seen great success with the ‘how to feel it real’ way of living.

You must be willing to accept that the current situation is what it is BECAUSE OF YOU, and start to take the necessary mental steps towards transformation. You must be ready to begin the process of living your future in the present. This takes practice, I’m still mastering it, but it CAN BE DONE!

For those who have seen a measure of success, what surprises them is that; positive things start to unfold in their lives naturally, effortlessly, and more frequently BECAUSE OF THE CHANGED MENTAL STATE.

How To Feel It Real

10). Focus On the End Result:

You must begin the transformation process with an end result in mind while FEELING your wish fulfilled as much as you can throughout the day. Your objective is to operate from that end in ALL you do. IF you don’t master that, YOU WILL FAIL. This is so so so important to master. TRY EVERY DAY, LEARN TO THINK HOW YOU WANT TO THINK. IF YOUR ALONE, IMAGINE SOMEONE IN YOUR CAR NEXT TO YOU THAT LOVES YOU, IF YOUR POOR, IMAGINE YOUR RICH AND SEE IT IN YOUR IMAGINATION. CONTINUE TO DO THIS, AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN, IT ALREADY HAS, JUST BE PATIENT, IT WILL SHOW ITSELF IN YOUR WORLD AT THE PERFECT TIME.

Final Thoughts:

How to feel it real by Neville Goddard is a transformational way of living. It requires that you have the desire to transform and be willing to live your future in the present even though you can’t see it. Do you have more questions on how to do this? 

Do you have success stories of applying this way of living? Let me know below in the comments? Tell me your stories so that we can wake up the world to what is really possible. I know some people think o this is hogwash.

Funny thing is, is if that’s what they FEEL TO BE TRUE, then that is what will keep showing up. Funny how that works isn’t it? Let me know what your experiencing and the miracles that are taking place in your life below.

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