10 Tips On How To Deal With A Controlling Person!

How To Deal With A Controlling Person

In this article, I will be discussing “10 Tips On How To Deal With A Controlling Person.” Controlling people are easy to handle when you understand the psychology behind it.

Many people don’t know how to deal with it professionally and I hope that this article will help you to be able to do that.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone tells you, No! Stop doing that. Or simply, Don’t do that. The worst part comes when you ask them why not, then you get that decisively awkward answer.

Dealing with a controlling person is not easy. It requires you to have people skills as handling them can be point-blank stressful. Controllers are everywhere.

Sometimes, it can be your lover, your best friend, or your family members, and so forth. Here are 10 ways on how to deal with a controlling person.

10 Ways On How To Deal With A Controlling Person:

1).  Firmly Say Yes And No:

Establishing firm personal boundaries is the first foundation for dealing with controlling people. You can do this by using firm and strong words, that although they may sound impolite to a controller, is the best way to deal with them.

Being honest and direct in your communication with a controlling person gives you the mesmerizing power to create and yield the results you want confidently.

Rather than bailing out subtly, practice saying a firm no when you do not desire to do something and a firm yes when you desire to do something that others refute you to do.

2).  Do Not Succumb to Pressure:

When a controlling individual realizes that they cannot pressure you with their words, they resort to using pressuring behavior.

The logic in this is simply simple; that is, when you fail to abide by their rules, then without a shadow of the doubt, they begin behaving negatively.

It is no surprise if the person stops doing their chores, helping you out, and speaking to you, among other things, in a bid to get you to abide by their rules.

If you end up falling under this pressure, then you lose the battle to break their chains of control over your life. The best way to deal with such behaviors is to either withdraw or optionally do not react.

3). Stop Seeking Approval:

Although we all desire to be loved, we do not truly need one specific individual to approve our actions, among other things. Remember, no one is irreplaceable.

When you realize this and let it sink, you will not feel obligated to be approved by anybody. You will piss off any controlling individual in your life without feeling weighed down or bad about doing so. This will make them lose their primary grip on your life.

How To Deal With A Controlling Person

4).  Learn To Define Yourself:

Most of the time that an abuse victim falls under the spell of a controller is when he or she has their self-esteem pummeled under the ground to the point that they end up doubting themselves and believing their abusers more than they do themselves.

Learn to define yourself because no one can define you. With self-understanding, you can overcome the controlling gravity that your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, manager, mother, father, or employee has on you.

5).  Create Psychic Boundaries:

To deal with a controller, use the one-minded warning sign. By creating and recognizing a psychic boundary, you can easily tell when someone trespasses this boundary.

Once you detect a trespasser, someone who tries defining you, firstly acknowledge the controlling behavior and reinforce it before the controller tries controlling you.

6).  Don’t Keep Silent:

Controllers have power over their victims because their victims shy off from speaking up, as they fear shattering the idealized image of their relationship with the controller.

Although you might be a victim of an individual’s hurtful behaviors, you are solely responsible for your responses to such behaviors.

But, also, depending on the level of control that he or she exercises on you, it is better to choose your words wisely. Some controllers are evil and do not take speaking up kindly and may end up physically hurting you.

Setting some distance between you and such a person when speaking up is necessary. You can do so at your parent’s house or your friend’s house. And if he or she begins threatening you, it is better to involve the police to ensure your safety.

How To Deal With A Controlling Person

7).  Use The Questioning Technique:

Questioning the demands and the directives of the controller weakens their stronghold over you. Therefore, instead of addressing issues through creating arguments with your controller, it is better to question things they say to you authoritatively.

Most people tend to respond to controllers by contradicting their statements. Rather than arguing, simply ask, What?€ Do this using different variations and to every point the controller strikers across, until he or she simply gives up. This will frustrate them to the point they decide to let you do as you please.

8).  Maintain Your Composure And Keep Your Cool:

One major characteristic of controlling, intimidating, and aggressive people is that they will deliberately upset you through continually pushing your buttons, keeping and throwing your balance off, and pulling your strings.

Through this, they create leverage over you, which allows them to exploit your weaknesses. Facing such people requires you to maintain your cool since the less reactive you become to such provocations, the better judgment you have of handling the challenges they through your way. This gives you an advantage.

9).  Become Less Reactive And More Proactive:

Learn how not to take things personally. Immune yourself from the actions and the options of others, and you will not be a victim of unnecessary suffering.

Becoming mindful about the very nature of aggressive, controlling, and intimidating individuals can help you de-personalize whatever situation you are in and turn proactive rather than reactive.

For instance, say something like It must not be easy placing high expectations or holding high idealized realities. Empathy does not excuse unwarranted negative behavior. Instead, empathy helps reduce personalization and helps you concentrate your energy on solving the problem at hand.

How To Deal With A Controlling Person

10).  Learn People Skills:

Finally, learning people skills will help you learn to distinguish persuasion from pressure. Learn to distinguish when an individual presents logical arguments, presents facts in support of something, and ultimately allows you to choose.

Learn to know when someone is using manipulation, exaggeration, lies, and drama in a bid to refute your freedom of choice. When someone acts dramatically and says, If I mean anything to you and if you care about me as you make me believe.. this is a manipulative approach. Learn how to handle such sentiments.


Ultimately, if you cannot deal with or break the controlling cycle of the individual, it is good to have open options that will help you feel un-trapped.

Recognize signs of a controller, learn people skills to influence the methods you use to overcome their control, understand the difference between persuasion and pressure.

Do not let anyone pressure you to do or become something or someone you are not. Remember, you have the power to break such oppressive shackles.

One of the greatest things that have helped me is changing my self-image and the power of auto-suggestion or brainwashing. When you have a better self-image, you will naturally handle controlling people better.

To change your self-image, you simply write out a short statement such as “I am massively confident in myself and don’t take shit from anyone.” If you write that or type it 10 times morning, noon, and night, you will start to believe it, AND you will start acting like that kind of person.

Think about it for a second. For someone who is very confident, sure of themselves, and a high achiever in life, do you think they would let someone control them?

How To Deal With A Controlling Person

Of course not, so all you need to do is change your self-image on a subconscious level, and that’s where this typing-out affirmation exercise comes in.

Do it with feeling, do it for 30 days, and watch what happens to how you react to people trying to control you or manipulate you. I struggled with this for years, and now it’s no longer a problem because I did this exercise consistently.

I promise it works; just try it, stick with it, do it with feeling, and watch how your world changes. Life is simple; we just tend to make things ever so complicated, and it’s not necessary at all.

Remember, if you see yourself as a highly successful person, you would naturally act differently. So you need to see yourself as more confident and successful now, and the rest will take care of itself.

If you have further questions on this, let me know below, I would love to help you out and get you on track with handling people the correct way and professionally. I never let people manipulate me, and they know it because of the way I think, feel, and act.

It’s all an internal game, baby, and you just got to learn how to think from the inside out instead of the outside in, and that is what this website is all about.

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