10 Tips On How To Conquer Low Self Esteem!

How To Conquer Low Self Esteem
In today’s short read, we will go over “10 Tips On How To Conquer Low Self Esteem. Low Self Esteem is not normal by any means.

It is all caused from within our own thoughts. The way we think and feel about ourselves. We let experiences determine the kind of person we think we are when that is totally backwards.

In a perfect world, we would not think twice about anything that would directly affect our self-esteem, but regrettably, there are just some things that tend to get under our skin.

Nevertheless, don’t because this article is here to help you shake away those heavy thoughts and emotions. We are here to bring you back to your beautiful, strong, and confident self!

We have taken the time to provide 10 tips that will enable you to fight back against those self-esteem issues, and before you know it, those very issues that are bogging you down will be that of the past, so let’s get started!

I struggled with low self-esteem for years due to massive amounts of abuse for 13 years. It really screwed me up in so many ways.

Then I learned how to overcome these challenges through these tips and others on my website, and it has changed my life and continues to do so.

Self-esteem is no longer an issue, and I know it won’t be an issue for you once you learn how to reprogram your mind. Don’t let your past determine your future.

Don’t let others who treated you wrongly determine how you feel about yourself. You are incredible, and there’s no one like you on this planet. And you can do anything. So if you want success, go get it. It’s yours, and you can achieve anything.

10 Tips On How To Conquer Low Self Esteem:

1). Write Down Your Problems:

When you are in a constant state of possessing negative thoughts, it can become exhausting and very traumatizing.

Studies have proven time and time again that it is good for you to write down your concerns and issues at hand, even if just to rant or vent in your journal about the problem you are facing, because it relieves stress and gives you a positive outlet.

You are also encouraged to write down the good things going on in your life as well as your goals and ways to achieve those goals.

Journalizing your feelings helps you recognize and realize the great things that are in your life, draw strength from them, and seize the day!

You can also do this out loud in the mirror. If you do it out loud in the mirror with feeling, it’s a great way to get those emotions out without hurting others. I did this for a while, and it was a great healer for me.

2). Begin Your Day On A Positive Note:

We all have those days where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and it just seems like nothing goes right.

Days like that can put a damper on your mood and on your confidence, whether you realize it or not.

If you find something that encourages you each day you should make a habit of, make it a part of your daily routine to inspire positive influence over your day.

This could be the confidence boost you needed to feel energized and happy throughout the day.

How To Conquer Low Self Esteem

3). Engage In Positive Support Groups:

When trying to shake off those negative emotions that fuel the fire to low self-esteem, you need to make it a priority to surround yourself with positive people in your life who can cheer you up and help you recognize all the great things about yourself.

This is your biggest support system that you should allow yourself to have because you will have the availability to reach out every time you need or feel down on yourself.

Whether a local support group, family, or friends, these people will be the ones to pick you up and help you better yourself. They will understand how you view yourself and help you see the best in well, you.

4). Re-Establish How You See Your Failures:

Everyone hates to fail but don’t look at your failures as losses but look at them as personal lessons on improving your goals.

If you want to overcome your self-esteem issues, you cannot continue to dwell on the past. Instead, you need to get up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward!

The past is the past, so use it as a lesson learned. Now, take what you have learned and be proud that you have gained something positive from a negative experience.

5). Take The Time To Love And Better Yourself:

It is extremely important to take time out of your day to love and better yourself.

Now with that being said, it is not the easiest of tasks to accomplish when you are suffering from self-esteem issues, but you must make this a priority because to start improving your confidence, you must learn to treat yourself.

There will be times when you are feeling down, and you do not feel like you deserve it, but you do!

Doing something little for yourself, whether it be treating yourself to a new outfit or rewarding yourself for reaching a goal, can help lift your self-esteem.

How To Conquer Low Self Esteem

6). Pursue Your Goals and Dreams:

Unfortunately, sometimes when you have low self-respect, you do not have the ambition or the drive to do anything.

It is very easy to overlook your wants and needs when your constant focus is on the things you are self-conscious about.

Write down some things that you want to do or that you want to achieve, and then pull your inner strength together and do them!

Accomplishing these things will help better your self-esteem by boosting your confidence and while allowing you to realize your potential and self-worth!

7). Keep It Simple And Get A Good Nights Rest:

Self-Esteem issues are already exhausting but pair those issues up with lack of sleep and BOOM double-whammy. You fueled the fire for those nasty self-conscious thoughts to creep back into your mind.

Although you may be used to running on a low amount of sleep, this can actually change your brain chemistry, which hasn’t only been linked to self-esteem issues and depression.

Sleeping is the body’s natural way to rest, heal, and energize. If you continue to try to function daily with a lack of sleep, chances are you are going to deepen your self-esteem issues so, get to bed at a reasonable time and get that shut-eye.

8.) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others Because You Are Unique!

We often find ourselves looking at other people and wishing we had what they did.

It may be their appearance, a skill set they obtain, or even materialistic objects and so on, but that is okay because we are all guilty of those thoughts, but there is a time you need to stop and take a look in the mirror because you are one of a kind!

No one is perfect. All you can do is aim for the best version of yourself! There will always be room for improvement but do not be too hard on yourself to achieve healthy and obtainable goals that are set solely for you and no one else.

9). Accept Compliments:

We all know how hard it can be to take a compliment from people, whether it is your mom or a very close friend.

You may not always believe what they are telling you, and you may not believe it to be the truth, so, today, that stops!

You see yourself how you want to, and with having self-worth issues, you fall prey to only seeing the things you dislike about yourself. Instead, you need to take a moment to listen and accept the compliment.

See how others view you. So, remember that the next time your mom tells you that you look beautiful, look at yourself and see your beauty from her eyes.

How To Conquer Low Self Esteem

10). Exercise And A Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet and exercise are underrated, and this is something we need to begin investing in.

When we eat healthily and exercise, not only do we speed up our metabolism and promote physical health, but we also promote mental health.

During exercise, your body creates endorphins, and these hormones, when released, create a sense of empowerment, euphoria, and happiness, talk about a natural confidence booster!

Just remember there is a limit on diet and exercise. So stay healthy, and do not overdo it.


Throughout this article, we have gone from talking about using a journal to jot down ideas, express your emotions and have an outlet to finding positive people in your life to surround you in your time of need.

There are many options and routes to go because let’s face it, when you are in a rut, not everything will work for you, but that is okay because whether it be taking a compliment or achieving a goal, you now have some tips and ideas of the steps to take in the right direction.

So what now you might ask yourself, well now go and give it all you have got! Use positive energy, hard work and focus to place on attaining improved self-confidence and be the happier, more confident you!

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When you can tap into the subconscious, you can reprogram yourself so quickly and get rid of problems faster than you can blink. However, it takes about 30 to 90 days to reprogram yourself, so be patient with it.

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8 thoughts on “10 Tips On How To Conquer Low Self Esteem!”

  1. I really need to work on looking at my failures and turning them into something more positive and loving myself. Why are these the two areas it seems like people seem to struggle in the most? Do we put more importance on other people, and what other people think instead of ourselves that much? I try not to think about that so much, but I am a mother to 4 smaller children so “me” time doesn’t come very often. I will try to work on that more.

    • Hi Cheyenne,

      I think we really do put more importance on what other people think instead of what we think. And what we think should matter more because that’s a secret area. Our thoughts are really what determines our life. And we have to be able to learn to think for ourselves even if people don’t like it because that’s where our freedom lies. It just takes a lot of practice to learn to think for yourself and not worry about other people’s thoughts. I admit it I still struggle with that from time to time, but I’m working at it and I’m getting better and better every day. I know as you continue to work on it you will see a change. I hope you have a fantastic week and God bless.



  2. Wonderful post!
    Everything you stated in this article is important in overcoming low self-esteem issues.
    As you stated reprogramming the mind is important and it should be the first thing a person that is trying to conquer this issue should be focusing on.
    The mind can be a dangerous thing. I use to tell my ex all the time that we have to learn to control our thoughts and not let them control us. For some people this may be easier said than done but with practice it can be done.

    Also it is very important to learn how to accept compliments as you also stated. I’m still learning to do this. Someone told me I had on a nice sweater a while back and instead of simply saying thank you, I responded by saying “this old thing…thank you”!
    I don’t know why I do that…I have to remind myself to just smile and say thank you.

    • Hi Ashley,

      I think excepting compliments is a lot of fun. It takes some practice because some people have low self-esteem but by doing it over and over again it becomes easier to accept those compliments and you begin to feel even better about yourself. I think we get shocked sometimes by compliments because we just don’t expect them anymore in this world. But that’s the beauty of life if you accept something positive that’s what you’ll get. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a blessed week.


  3. I am no stranger to low self-esteem myself in the past, and most of my low self-esteem was from a bad relationship that just kept becoming more stressful as the years went by. Eventually the relationship ended, and I now have good self-esteem.

    A healthy diet can be a major contributor to getting on the right track, I experience many food allergies so I have always been very anxious which seemed to contribute to my low self-esteem in the past.


    • Hi Jeff,

      I totally agree that a healthy diet can be a major contributor to getting on the right track. Eating right has really helped me with my mental clarity, but also my self-esteem. I’ve noticed when eating sluggish food like fast food it literally destroys me and I lose energy. Thanks so much for reading


  4. It´s always good to keep reinforcing all the tips you suggest if you do suffer from low self-esteem. These tips have to be practised daily so they become a habit and then they naturally occur by themselves. Your post serves as a great reminder for reinforcement. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Susan,

      They really do have to be practice daily. That’s how we overcome bad habits and create new ones. Our subconscious is strong, and repetition is key 🙂



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