10 Tips On How To Be Great In Life!

how to be great in life

Indeed all of us want to know how to be great in life. You might probably want to succeed in your career, or you want to achieve in your relationship, or you want to succeed in sports – no matter the goal, we always want to get to that goal.

There are some people not aware that being great in life can sometimes be associated with selecting the best alternative intended for their growth and making the most of what they already have. Below are 10 tips on how to be great in life.

10 Tips On How To Be Great In Life:

1). Know Your Potentials:

To be able to achieve your goals, you have to know what you have. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, you’re talents, and your abilities. Believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving what you want.

Have the self-confidence that you can do it. Eliminate self-doubt and negative thoughts. The best way to do that is to write out an affirmation 10 times in the morning, and 10 times right before bed, or type it out. Type this “I am massively confident in myself because I understand who I am”

Who you are is living inside your physical body. No one really knows what you are capable of. You are a part of the great God/Universe. You are infinite in and of itself. You are the great I Am.

By typing the affirmation above for 30 days twice a day 10 times each time, you will ingrain that belief in your subconscious.

That’s what helped me get rid of my self-doubt and uncertainties, and it will do the same for you. But you need to be persistent with this for 30 days.

2). Goal Setting:

An important step on how to be great in life is to identify what you want to achieve. What you want, not what you think you can get.

Really think big, don’t worry about how. The bigger the goal, the more fun it will be. Remember you can ACHIEVE anything, you are God’s/Universes’ highest form of creation. Always operate from that mental state.

In setting your goals, it is important to set realistic and achievable goals while working up to your ULTIMATE LIFE VISION. Striving for perfection or setting goals that are too big for you as your first big step is a recipe for failure.

Break them down into steps. week goals, month goals, yearly goals, and 10-year goals, etc. Also, don’t forget the DAILY. goals, you need to work towards achieving your ULTIMATE GOAL/VISION/DEFINITE CHEIF AIM IN LIFE.

how to be great in life

3). Recognize Your Flaws: 

The cliche, ‘Nobody is perfect,’ is never an excuse since you should make way for you to handle your flaws positively.

You can take charge of your weaknesses as well as fears so that you WILL be able to utilize these in your way to success.

4). Know Your True Self: (Most Important)

Discover yourself. Hone your talents and abilities and develop your potentials. Know your weaknesses and try not to be discouraged by them but make it your challenge. Get out of your comfort zone, take risks, and do not stop learning.

5). Believe In Yourself:

Eliminate self-self-doubt and find ways to increase self-confidence. Do not dwell on the past. Overcome anything that is holding you back.

Prepare yourself for the challenge of reaching your goals. Find someone that you admire that is SUPER confident, and emulate them until you begin to naturally feel confident in all you do.

6). Patience and Perseverance:

Keep in mind that achieving your goals WILL take time. Everything has its right time, and you just have to keep going towards your goals. Do not give up.

Greatness is not attained overnight. You have to work at your goals every single day. The more effort that you put in the more that you will get out of it. Most businesses fail in 5 years, why? Because they gave up and did not operate at 10X levels.

You have to literally work 10X harder than you think you have to AT FIRST, and then as success comes, you can determine what level you want to continue operating at.

If you have not read the book “The 10X Rule” By Grant Cardone. I highly recommend reading it. It changed my life, and it will change yours. The guy owns over $2 billion dollars in real estate and is a billionaire. And SELF MADE.

He has an amazing mindset and an amazing work ethic. Emulate him and others like him and you will find your greatness.

how to be great in life

7). Visualization:

Visualization is using the power of your mind to attract the things you want in your life. If you have your goal in mind, you can visualize and imagine yourself being they’re enjoying that dream and FEELING every bit about it.

Create a picture in your mind and firmly believe that it can be manifested in reality. This way, you are exercising your brain to follow and attract the goal you have in mind due to the feeling state you are in. Think about the future and work your way to achieve it, WHILE feeling successful.

8). Prepare Beforehand:

Preparation always comes together with planning, which mainly allows you to focus and persist even with all the obstacles coming your way.

It further lets you foresee potential problems and deliberate ahead of time so that you would know what to do to solve them.

Keep your calendar full throughout the week. Keep your days so jam pact with productive activities that you don’t have time to waste on tasks that are not going to make you GREAT results wise.

You already are great, but we need to get your results great, and the way you do that, is by milking as much of the 24 hrs in a day you have towards your ultimate vision or life calling that you have set up for yourself.

Recommendation: Read “Think And Grow Rich”

9). Take 10X Actions:

Your goals, your dreams, and the things you want to do in your life will be nothing if you do not take massive 10X actions.

Seize the opportunities that come your way. Stay healthy, fit, and positive. It is also important that you do what you love doing to achieve your goals. That way, you will never find it a constant struggle to get to your goals.

I can’t stress that enough. Find your passion, what are you willing to do FOR FREE, and that will give you an idea of what you should do in life. What really makes the time fly by for you? Find that and figure out a way that can make you money?

Here is an idea, whatever “THAT” is, make a video course on it, and sell it online. People need to be coached in this world by experts in special fields. How are you an expert at something?

how to be great in life

10). Think Positive:

Staying positive in life is the right attitude to attract positive things in life. If you want to have abundance and prosperity or you want to attract success or if you want to be productive in life, having a positive attitude is crucial.

If you see a man who has negative thoughts and always seems annoyed, he is for sure thinking negatively. Has nothing to do with what is going on on the outside, it’s all inside. Always keep that in mind. Life is 90% mental 10% strategy and actions!


To conclude, the information mentioned above is created to aid you in your quest on how to be great in life; however, everything still depends upon the things you do to achieve your goal. Anything is possible that is within reason. You becoming a multi-millionaire is possible or whatever it is you desire.

Just remember that 90% of life is mental and the rest is strategy and some 10X hustle. Keep going and keep finding all the good in everything and you will win in time.

What are some tips you have for others, on how to be great in life? Comment below and let people know, you could just be the miracle someone is looking for!

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