10 Tips On How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance!

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

Today you will learn “10 Tips On How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance”. As much as you may disagree, the real reason you are not as rich as you would like to be is your own mindset.

Thoughts, though intangible are the most powerful driving force behind your actions and all results you achieve are a direct result of your actions.

Hence your negative thoughts are the biggest reason why you are still struggling to make as much money as you would like to. Your beliefs generate your thoughts and below is a guide to help you correct your beliefs and thoughts and put yourself on the path to prosperity.

Most of society, I would say about 97% are programmed to be extremely negative and look at all the bad that is around them.

If you really want to achieve financial success or enjoy life to the fullest, you have to learn how to reprogram your mind to look at all the good by default.

When you master your inner world, your emotional involvement in your mind that is when everything will begin to change for you quickly.

Life really is based on our internal state. Everything on the outside of your life is because of your internal state. If you can learn how to control that internal state 100% of the time, you will get everything you want in life 100% guaranteed.

Many people go through life thinking it’s because of the outside world that their problems are so. That could not be farther from the truth.

We are literally programmed to think from the outside in. But life on the outside is the effect, the cause is us. When you learn to understand that and take full responsibility for your problems that’s when everything will really begin to shift for you.

I want to show you below how to change your inner state so that you can have the abundance that you desire. And no it does not require massive amounts of hard work. Let’s get started.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

10 Tips On How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

1). Have A Great Positive Relationship With Money:

What is the first thing that crops up into your head when you think of money? If it’s a negative emotion then that is a red flag for you right off the bat.

Most people have a negative relationship with money and they end up subconsciously pushing it away from their lives. You need to ensure that only positive thoughts dominate your thinking when you think about money.

You have to repeat to yourself every day and make yourself believe that money provides you the freedom and you have the ability to earn as much as you would like and live the life you want to.

The reason that I was raised to believe that money was negative is that everybody around me told me that money is the root of all evil, money doesn’t grow on trees, God doesn’t care about money, your spirituality is more important.

It’s thoughts like this that cause people to push money away, it’s the people around them that are unsuccessful that put these ideas into our minds.

We then naturally, without really thinking let those thoughts go into our subconscious mind. We hear them over and over and over again, and they become fixed in our subconscious mind.

Then your subconscious mind begins to externalize those beliefs automatically. You literally begin to attract to you things that are in alignment with that belief.

So the trick is to learn to think for yourself and think from the inside out only. A great way to develop this habit is to literally pause every half hour throughout the day, take a few breaths and ask yourself how am I feeling at this moment?

Once you know how you are feeling, then begin to say 10 things you’re grateful for in your mind in the present tense. That will change the way you feel so fast.

I do this exercise every day all day and it has changed my life I know that will work for you if you can get into the habit of doing it.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

2). You Are Rich Believe it:

You are rich right now. If you think you are rich you will be rich no matter what happens. A human being with the deepest faith in something cannot be stopped from causing it to manifest.

All your thoughts and actions will mirror your belief and you will be rich, sooner rather than later. If you want to take a logical approach to this idea think about Third World countries.

Most kids don’t have running water over there. We take that for granted. Most people don’t have a home to live in. Most people don’t even have a toilet. We take all these things for granted.

You truly are rich, maybe not to yourself but to most of the world, you’re very wealthy. You need to learn to feel like you are rich. And the best way to do that is to visualize what it would be like for you to be wealthy.

Imagine all the things that you would do in your life if you had unlimited amounts of money. If you really want to impress your subconscious mind with the thought of riches. Visualize so hard that you literally begin to cry with joy because of the way you feel.

What has worked best for me is I visualize myself on the beach with my wife, and that feeling of freedom circles my mind and my heart.

I will also before I visualize turn on a beautiful piece of music that causes an inspirational feeling to come forth. I have learned that this is the quickest way to generate feelings that are hard to generate by yourself.

Having music to help you generate those feelings is the quickest way to get you to feel rich and prosperous try it out it will work for you.

3). Be Thankful For The Money You Already Have:

Being grateful for what you have is a powerful emotion. It can change your life for the better in ways more than one like I mentioned above. You must make a list of things that you are grateful for each night before bed. This will remind you to be thankful for what you have and bring you more of that from the Universe.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

4). Use Powerful Affirmations:

Every day, you must practice saying affirmations out loud in the present tense. You can create simple statements that instill belief in your mind that you can achieve whatever you want and that you have the power to earn as much income as you desire. Here are a few affirmations you could use:

  • I am of great value to the world and my work is a treasure. I love to put my talents to work and receiving abundant compensation for my work!.
  • Abundance and money come to me without any difficulty.
  • I am grateful for the money I have and it is available in abundance for me to grab.

The thing that you want to remember is as you do these affirmations you want to do them with feeling. As I mentioned above the best way to do that is to first play a piece of music without words that are inspirational and cause you to cry because you’re so happy.

Once you’re in that feeling state with the music playing then begin to say your affirmations out loud. You will naturally and with much less effort feel the feelings you need to feel, in order to attract to you those experiences into your life through the Law of Attraction.

What’s even more important that you’re doing is your programming your subconscious with feelings of success, prosperity, peacefulness, joyfulness.

And having those things programmed into your subconscious will literally cause your subconscious mind and the Law Of Attraction to work together to bring you what you desire in your life with little effort.

5). Think Visually Of The Freedom That Money Brings:

Every day, you must imagine and think about the good sensations that money gives you. It may include freedom, peace of mind, the feeling of security, and the sense of being wealthy. Really get into it.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

6). Donate Money:

Although this may sound counter-productive, actually giving away money shows your satisfaction and prosperity to the Universe like nothing else does. The Universe then ensures that it comes back to you 10X.

I pay tithing and fast offerings and it has changed my life. I have seen so many miracles happen because of giving money. But the trick is is to do it with the feeling of love and prosperity. You have to do it with the feeling of love or it won’t work.

I have heard so many people say oh I’ve tried giving money away and it’s never worked. That’s because you were not doing it with the feeling of joy and generosity.

If you don’t believe this lookup on YouTube people giving money away in the miracles that happened and listen to what they say. Like I’ve said 1000 times this is a feeling Universe. Master your inner world and mental state.

7). Think About Abundance And Not Poverty:

You will accumulate wealth by regularly thinking about wealth and not if you keep fretting over the lack of money. You must turn your focus on being thankful for the money you have and appreciate the freedom it gives you. You have to stop thinking in terms of lack and inculcate thoughts of abundance.

8). Feel Lucky:

Keep your focus on the fact that you can allow money to be channeled through you. Realize that you are lucky to have all the capabilities you need to accumulate wealth. Feel lucky to be alive to be born as a human and to have unlimited potential.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance

9). Take Some Risks:

Risk-taking is essential to making money depending on what you are wanting to do. Think about what more you can do to enjoy what you love doing and make more money at the same time.

Learn the art of leverage; be open to taking risks as nothing worthwhile comes from shying away from risk. Some of the most successful people in the world like Elon Musk have taken massive amounts of risks. But it’s always calculated, it’s carefully analyzed, and then they move forward with the work.

10. A Powerful Tool: Write Yourself a Check

Think of a number you would like to have in your bank account. Write it out on a check and address it to yourself. Also, mention the date by which you want to achieve this number. Keep it in your wallet or anywhere else where you can see it every day.

When you are looking at this number feel gratitude that it is yours now. Remember if you do not do this with feeling and intensity feeling, you’re wasting your time.

You have to learn to stay in a high state of vibration that is in alignment with your dreams throughout the day. When you can master that you’ll begin to notice massive differences.

I’m sure you have seen the movie The Secret. What’s really funny is they only mention feeling a few times throughout that movie.

But it is so important to have a feeling state before you get what you want. A lot of people just think about what they want and think it will just come to them.

But unless that’s generated with the feeling of it’s already yours now you’re wasting your time. This will take a little practice before you start doing it effortlessly.

But be willing to pay that small price, because once you can generate your feelings the way you want them to, that’s when the magic will begin to happen in your life. We live in a vibrational universe and vibrations are nothing more than feelings.

How To Attract Prosperity And Abundance


There is nothing that cannot be achieved once you set your mind to it and train yourself to feel the way you need to feel. So start implementing these tactics in your daily life today to be the person you want to be and earn the amount of money you want to earn.

What has helped you to attract abundance into your life? What are you doing that you feel is making a big difference that could make a difference for someone else reading this? Let me know in the comments below.

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    There’s such valuable information here, and very motivational too. I certainly agree with everything you’ve written above and there are some items I do need to work on more, so thanks for sharing them.



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