10 Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks!

Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks

Today we will go over 10 Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks. The law of attraction is perfect in every way, if you’re struggling to get the results that you truly desire it’s because you have not controlled your emotions.

When you learn to operate from within life becomes much easier and effortless. Do you really understand the law of attraction?

In fact, it is so profound that people tend to ignore it! The Law of attraction has been marketed so heavily in the past couple of decades that we’re starting to wonder if it was all just a big scam? Now, this is not the case and we can easily attest to that by simply examining our own stream of thoughts on a daily basis and looking at our results.

When we feel happy, we usually think positive thoughts and are surrounded by people who give off a good vibe and are friendly. When we are sad, depressed, and anxious, our thoughts follow the same pattern.

However, to believe that only external circumstances dictate our behavior is quite silly. There is indeed an objective reality outside of ourselves, but it has to be interpreted through our personal, subjective filter, and that filter is very powerful.

It is so powerful that some unfortunate souls whose filter malfunctions can end up in a mental facility. Also, if this were not true, every poor person we encounter would have to be less happy than every rich or well-off person. But many times the opposite is true.

The human psyche plays a huge role in our well-being, success, and general interpretation of the world. Luckily for us, we are able to influence it consciously, by using various techniques, most of which have been known to the wisest people to grace this planet far before knowledge became so widespread that we are all able to grasp and realize this truth.

So in this article, I would like to share with you 10 useful law of attraction tips and tricks that can instantly improve your reality and make you a happier person.

10 Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks:

1). Daily Visualization:

This technique is not only powerful, but it produces results fast. The reason why this happens is due to our reliance on sight throughout our life. We are more dependent on sight and react to it more strongly than any of our other senses.

This is well-known by mainstream psychologists, which is why professional athletes use this technique in order to produce the best results. In order to get the best benefits from daily visualizations, it’s best to do them upon waking upon and before going to sleep. Simply visualizing our goals turning into reality, and becoming engrossed in that image we’re already half of the way to accomplishing them. Remember to also add FEELING to this. Without that, you’re just wasting your time. That’s the only way to get a reaction from your Subconscious Mind.

2). Success Mantra:

Mantras are words or sentences that are repeated for a prolonged period in order to produce a certain effect. This is a great way to break the mind-chatter, which Buddhists call “the monkey brain”. The monkey brain is usually feeding us with impulses of lesser value, filling us with anxiety and fear.

By using a success mantra we can stop the negative chatter and focus on bringing the positive impulse into our mindset. A success mantra that I personally use every time negativity takes over is “Every day I’m becoming stronger and happier.” Simple and effective.

3). Binaural Beats:

Binaural beats are sounds of a specific frequency which can elicit positive effects on the brain, and improve our general well-being.

YouTube is filled with binaural beats videos, and there are many videos that combine binaural beats with positive affirmations or guided meditations. This is a great way to align your brain towards attracting the reality you are after.

Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks

4). Hang Around Positive People:

I don’t mean that in a goofy, spiritual way. However, as I’ve said in the introduction of this article, our mind is powerful, but its also influenced by the objective reality to some extent.

Our social settings and people with whom we are surrounded play a major role in how we feel and the success we are able to accomplish. Positive spirits are those who lift us up when we fall and push us further towards the light.

5). Stop The Criticism:

Contrary to positive spirits, the negative spirits are those people who have zero interest in helping us attract the reality we’re after. This can be because they’ve failed in the past and sincerely believe that there is no genuine path to success or they’re simply egoistic and don’t want to see others accomplish anything.

Whatever the case may be, these negative spirits will force nonconstructive criticism in order to bring you back to a lowered, negative state. “Misery loves company”, so it’s best to detach mentally from such criticism, or perhaps even better, to avoid the source of it completely if necessary.

6). Write It Down:

Another great tip is to actually write down the thing you wish to attract in your life. Make it seem alive, write down why you want it, and how it will improve your life. Also, write down the practical ways in which you will try to reach your goal.

If you’re feeling mentally exhausted after a tough day, looking at the things you’ve written a night before can have a very positive impact and improve the continuity of your practice.

7). Reminders:

Having a reminder is another excellent way to bring an abundant mindset into action. Having a poster or a picture of the desired outcome/object on the wall, or even getting a tattoo that will confirm the complete determination is a powerful way to stay committed long term and make failure “not an option”.

8). Meditation:

This tip is so common that I was reluctant to put it on the list. But how could we possibly ignore the benefits of meditation? To be able to quiet the mind, and as Bruce Lee says “let go of distractions, and focus only on what truly matters”, is what we’re looking for in the first place.

To attract the reality we want, we need to first let go of the thoughts which are blocking it from happening. Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation empties the mind so that new sources of beneficial energy and wisdom can enter our mindscape.

Law Of Attraction Tips And Tricks

9). Inspired Action:

Most of the tips mentioned so far are passive and preparatory. But in order to attract what we want, we need to plunge into reality and do it with inspired determination.

When the positive influence of our daily law of attraction practice starts to improve our mindset, it’s necessary to do the things we fear and overcome the fear in reality. This is the pure, raw way of realizing that reality can be changed, not just through thinking, but through action as well.

10). Gratitude:

To make the law of attraction work, it’s important to focus on positive emotions. One of the most positive emotions is thankfulness because it shows that we are actually content with the present moment.

The more positive emotions we are able to harness, the more new positive emotions we will attract. The richer we are, the more opportunities we encounter. And the more depressed we are, the more negativity we encounter and embrace. That is the law of attraction.


For those who are willing to implement these 10 tips, the law of attraction will work and more amazing than they could ever hope for. By mixing contemplation with inspired determined action, it is possible to change our reality and our lives for the better. I hope these tips will prove to be helpful to you in your own personal journey of becoming the strongest version of yourself.

What do you do for the Law Of Attraction to be more effective in your life? Is it hard? Is it easy? Comment below!

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